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Dr. Kildare (TV series 1961-1966)

Dr. Kildare (Australia)

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1961 September, 28
60 minutes
Production Company:

The story of a young intern in a large metropolitan hospital trying to learn his profession, deal with the problems of his patients, and win the respect of the senior doctor in his specialty, internal medicine. - IMDb

Assistenzarzt Dr. Kildare West Germany
Doctor Kildare Spain
Doktor Kildare Poland
Dottor Kildare Italy
Dr. Kildare (reissue title) West Germany
Dr. Kildare Australia
Dr. Kildare Philippines
Dr. Kildare Argentina
Dr. Kildare Ecuador
Dr. Kildare USA
Dr. Kildare Singapore
Dr. Kildare United Kingdom
Dr. Kildare Canada
Dr. Kildare Canada
Le jeune Docteur Kildare France
Stationsarzt Dr. Kildare West Germany
Tohtori Kildare Finland
Доктор Килдэр Soviet Union
ドクター・キルデア Japan

Children's Cast:

Kym Karath [8] Margaret Hanson (TV Episode: A Sometimes Distant Spring) (1966)
Mary Badham [11] Cora Sue Henty (TV Episode: Sister Mike) (1963)
Veronica Cartwright [16] Nancy Hiller (TV Episode: Take Care of My Little Girl) (1965)
Ron Howard [10] Jerry Prentice (TV Episode: A Candle in the Window) (1964)
Bill Mumy [8] Jeffey (TV Episode: The Bronc-Buster) (1962)
Rory Stevens [7] Boy (TV Episode: The Lonely Ones) (1961)
Debi Storm [8] Helen Orloff (TV Episode: The Encroachment) (1966)
Ted Eccles [10] Dilmore McConnell (TV Episode: A Journey to Sunrise) (1965)
Jennie Lynn [10] Arinelle (TV Episode: The Bronc-Buster) (1962)
Richard Eyer [17] Bob Eckert (TV Episode: A Time to Every Purpose) (1962)
Roger Mobley [12] Alan Burnside / Jamie Carroll (TV Episode: Hit and Run) (1961)
Donald Losby [11] Bernie (TV Episode: A Very Present Help) (1962)
Barry Gordon [13] Billy Hoffman (TV Episode: Second Chance) (1961)
Manuel Padilla Jr. [9] Juan Ortega (TV Episode: Tomorrow Is a Fickle Girl) (1964)
Michel Petit Brian Bailey / Jerry Sebrell / James Dwyer (TV Episode: The Elusive Dik-Dik) (1964)
Dana Latham [7] Hughie Hendricks (TV Episode: Face of Fear) (1963)
Billy E. Hughes [15] David Jonah (TV Episode: A Trip to Niagara) (1963)
Gary Hunley [13] Boy (TV Episode: Admitting Service) (1961)
Scotty Morrow [15] (TV Episode: Holiday Weekend) (1961)
Ricky Kelman [13] Buddy (TV Episode: The Bronc-Buster) (1962)
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