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The Eleventh Hour (TV series 1962-1964)

The Eleventh Hour (USA)

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1962 October, 3
60 minutes
Production Company:

There were only two seasons of THE ELEVENTH HOUR. Both featured Jack Ging as Dr. Paul Graham, a passionate and caring young psychologist working under the aegis of elder psychiatrists played by Wendell Corey and later Ralph Bellamy. While the first year often focused on Dr. Theodore Bassett and court cases, the second season was more concerned with private practice. The series shared a two-part crossover episode with DR. KILDARE in 1963 and clearly used the same basic theme of wise teacher and young intern. Some of the most notable writers and actors in Hollywood participated in this show. Scripts were thoughtful and intense. Given the focus on guest characters, it felt more like an anthology series than episodic drama. - IMDb

The Eleventh Hour West Germany
The Eleventh Hour USA
La hora once Spain
El Laberinto del silencio (new title) Spain
Undicesima ora Italy
Yhdestoista hetki Finland
Одиннадцатый час Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Veronica Cartwright [14] Jan Ellendale / Jane Cameron (TV Episode: My Name Is Judith, I'm Lost, You See) (1963)
Ron Howard [9] Barry Stewart (TV Episode: Is Mr. Martian Coming Back?) (1963)
Bill Mumy [10] Barry (TV Episode: Sunday Father) (1964)
Kurt Russell [12] Peter Hall (TV Episode: Everybody Knows You Left Me) (1963)
Charles Herbert [14] Stevie Williams (TV Episode: The Seventh Day of Creation) (1962)
Donald Losby [11] Jerry Hunter (TV Episode: Of Roses and Nightingales and Other Lovely Things) (1962)
Michel Petit Steven Baker (TV Episode: Prodigy) (1964)
Joey Russo [10] Jonathan (TV Episode: A Medicine Man in This Day and Age?) (1963)
Joey Scott [11] Older Boy (TV Episode: Sunday Father) (1964)
Pamela Baird [17] Milly (TV Episode: I Don't Belong in a White-Painted House) (1962)
Pat Coghlan Stan's Brother (TV Episode: Of Roses and Nightingales and Other Lovely Things) (1962)
Susan Gordon [13] Jenny Kincaid (TV Episode: Make Me a Place) (1962)
Gina Gillespie [12] Sally (TV Episode: My Name Is Judith, I'm Lost, You See) (1963)