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Zane Grey Theater (TV series 1956-1961)

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater (USA: complete title)
The Westerners (USA: rerun title)
Zane Grey Theatre (United Kingdom)

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1956 October, 5
25 minutes

An anthology based (earlier moreso than later) on the novels and stories of Zane Grey. Powell was often the star as well as the host. - IMDb

Abenteuer im wilden Westen West Germany
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater (complete title) USA
I racconti del West Italy
Teatro Zane Grey Venezuela
The Westerners (rerun title) USA
Zane Grey Spain
Zane Grey Theatre United Kingdom
Zane Grey Theatre USA
Театр Зейна Грея Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Veronica Cartwright [10] Sarah Butler (TV Episode: The Lone Woman) (1959)
Johnny Crawford [12] Mark McCain / Billy Prescott (TV Episode: Man Unforgiving) (1958)
Billy Chapin [14] Billy Morrison (TV Episode: Black Creek Encounter) (1957)
Bobby Clark [12] Howie Saunders (TV Episode: Muletown Gold Strike) (1956)
Mimi Gibson [9] Beth Fraser / Pattie Tapper (TV Episode: Time of Decision) (1957)
Cubby O'Brien [14] Ted Duncan (TV Episode: The Man from Yesterday) (1960)
Richard Keith [7] Mayor (TV Episode: Ride a Lonely Trail) (1957)
David Ladd [14] Thalian Kihlgren (TV Episode: The Broken Wing) (1961)
Roger Mobley [12] Little Martin (TV Episode: The Scar) (1961)
Ray Ferrell [9] Bobby Bromley / Chris Cannon (TV Episode: Utopia, Wyoming) (1958)
Rickey Murray [15] Kim Sutton (TV Episode: Day of the Killing) (1959)
Peter J. Votrian [15] Jody Kimball (TV Episode: Fugitive) (1957)
Kim Charney [12] Timmy Fallon (TV Episode: Backtrail) (1957)
Gary Hunley [9] Peter - Little Boy (TV Episode: Village of Fear) (1957)
Gregory Irvin [8] Timid Boy (TV Episode: The Ox) (1960)
Scotty Morrow [15] Chad (TV Episode: The Atoner) (1961)
Don Grady [15] Zachary / Rob Faring (TV Episode: Rebel Range) (1959)
Johnny Washbrook [14] Jamie MacPherson (TV Episode: To Sit in Judgment) (1958)
Jimmy Baird [11] Andy Phillips (TV Episode: Return to Nowhere) (1956)
Micky Dolenz [13] Ted Matson (TV Episode: The Vaunted) (1958)
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