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Zane Grey Theater (TV series 1956-1961)

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater (USA: complete title)
The Westerners (USA: rerun title)
Zane Grey Theatre (USA)

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1956 October, 5
25 minutes

An anthology based (earlier moreso than later) on the novels and stories of Zane Grey. Powell was often the star as well as the host. - IMDb

Abenteuer im wilden Westen West Germany
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater (complete title) USA
I racconti del West Italy
Teatro Zane Grey Venezuela
The Westerners (rerun title) USA
Zane Grey Spain
Zane Grey Theatre USA

Children's Cast:

Veronica Cartwright [10] Sarah Butler (TV Episode: The Lone Woman) (1959)
Johnny Crawford [12] Mark McCain / Billy Prescott (TV Episode: Man Unforgiving) (1958)
Billy Chapin [14] Billy Morrison (TV Episode: Black Creek Encounter) (1957)
Bobby Clark [12] Howie Saunders (TV Episode: Muletown Gold Strike) (1956)
Mimi Gibson [9] Beth Fraser / Pattie Tapper (TV Episode: Time of Decision) (1957)
Cubby O'Brien [14] Ted Duncan (TV Episode: The Man from Yesterday) (1960)
Richard Keith [7] Mayor (TV Episode: Ride a Lonely Trail) (1957)
David Ladd [14] Thalian Kihlgren (TV Episode: The Broken Wing) (1961)
Roger Mobley [12] Little Martin (TV Episode: The Scar) (1961)
Ray Ferrell [9] Bobby Bromley / Chris Cannon (TV Episode: Utopia, Wyoming) (1958)
Rickey Murray [15] Kim Sutton (TV Episode: Day of the Killing) (1959)
Peter J. Votrian [15] Jody Kimball (TV Episode: Fugitive) (1957)
Kim Charney [12] Timmy Fallon (TV Episode: Backtrail) (1957)
Gary Hunley [9] Peter - Little Boy (TV Episode: Village of Fear) (1957)
Gregory Irvin [8] Timid Boy (TV Episode: The Ox) (1960)
Scotty Morrow [15] Chad (TV Episode: The Atoner) (1961)
Don Grady [15] Zachary / Rob Faring (TV Episode: Rebel Range) (1959)
Johnny Washbrook [14] Jamie MacPherson (TV Episode: To Sit in Judgment) (1958)
Jimmy Baird [11] Andy Phillips (TV Episode: Return to Nowhere) (1956)
Micky Dolenz [13] Ted Matson (TV Episode: The Vaunted) (1958)
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