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Make Room for Daddy (TV series 1953-1965)

The Children's Hour (USA)
The Danny Thomas Show (USA: new title)
Make Room for Daddy (Australia)

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1953 September, 29
30 minutes
Comedy / Family


Danny Williams, a successful nightclub singer, encounters a variety of difficult or amusing situations in trying to balance his career with his family: his outspoken wife Kathy, teenage daughter Terry from his first marriage, children Russ and Linda, and old-fashioned Uncle Tonoose. Later episodes feature Annette Funicello as an au pair girl. Most episodes conclude with a song by Danny or one of the children. Affection expressed as hostility ("I love you, you little jerk") and ironic humor characterize this show. - IMDb

The Children's Hour USA
The Danny Thomas Show India
The Danny Thomas Show (new title) USA
The Danny Thomas Show Brazil
The Danny Thomas Show Spain
The Danny Thomas Show United Kingdom
Make Room for Daddy Australia
Make Room for Daddy Canada
Make Room for Daddy Canada
Make Room for Daddy Ecuador
Make Room for Daddy Japan
Освободите место для папочки Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Veronica Cartwright [10] Veronica / Girl in Play (TV Episode: Bob Hope and Danny Become Directors) (1959)
Christopher Olsen [14] Chris (TV Episode: Linda Wants to Be a Boy) (1960)
Ron Howard [6] Opie Taylor (TV Episode: Danny Meets Andy Griffith) (1960)
Johnny Crawford [10] Peter Lorenzo / Rusty's Friend (TV Episode: Wyatt Earp Visits the Williamses) (1956)
Angela Cartwright [5] Linda Williams (TV Episode: The Persistent Cop) (1957)
Bobby Clark [14] Shoeshine Boy (TV Episode: Rusty, the Man) (1958)
Rudy Lee Tommy Raskin / Rusty's Friend (TV Episode: Be a Pal to Your Son) (1956)
Donna Corcoran [15] Bobbie, Sorority Sister (TV Episode: The Non-Orgs) (1957)
Sherry Jackson [11] Terry Williams (TV Episode: Terry Goes Steady) (1953)
Lee Aaker [17] Charles Crane (TV Episode: Rusty Meets Little Lord Fauntleroy) (1960)
Rusty Hamer [6] Rusty Williams (TV Episode: The Persistent Cop) (1953)
Michael Winkelman [17] Dale (TV Episode: The Two Musketeers) (1963)
Jennie Lynn [9] Brownie (TV Episode: Danny and the Brownies) (1961)
Tiger Fafara [12] Eddie - Boy at Orphanage (TV Episode: The Orphan Asylum) (1957)
Mary Jane Saunders [12] Friend at Party (TV Episode: Terry's Party) (1955)
Rickie Sorensen [14] Rickie (TV Episode: Linda Wants to Be a Boy) (1960)
Philip Phillips Steve / Phil Phillip (TV Episode: Linda, the Grownup) (1956)
Barry Gordon [8] Herbie (TV Episode: Talented Kid) (1956)
Terry Kelman [11] Tommy Greenson (TV Episode: The Raffle Tickets) (1958)
Ricky Kelman [15] Partygoer (TV Episode: Pupa Loves Rusty) (1964)
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