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Nichols (TV series 1971-1972)

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1971 September, 16
60 minutes

In 1914, Nichols, a soldier, sick of killing, returns to his Arizona home town, named after his family, and is strong-armed into serving as sheriff by the Ketcham clan, who run the area. Nichols, who doesn't believe in toting a gun, scoots around via an Indian motorcycle. The Ketchams install as deputy their relative, Mitch Mitchell. The nasty deputy has a dog named Slump, and Mitchell is very dumb. A business-savvy local gal has an undefined relationship with Nichols, but it's obvious there's lots of action in the back rooms of her saloon. The strict moral lines of traditional Westerns are absent in this very Vietnam War era show's view of the Old West's dying days: the Ketchams aren't all bad, and little-respected Sheriff Nichols wouldn't mind ripping off the town to head for Mexico. - IMDb

Arizonan mies Finland
James Garner (English title) Canada
James Garner as Nichols  
Sheriff ohne Colt und Tadel West Germany
Sheriff ohne Colt und Tadel Germany
Un vero sceriffo Italy

Children's Cast:

Claudio Martínez [9] Juantio (TV Episode: Deer Crossing) (1971)
Moosie Drier [7] Brother (TV Episode: Peanuts and Crackerjacks) (1971)
Vincent Van Patten [13] Grover (TV Episode: About Jesse James) (1972)

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