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Ghost Whisperer (TV series 2005-2010)

Aka: Mesaje de dincolo (Romania)
Director: Ian Sander, Eric Laneuville, John Gray ... more
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama / Fantasy
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15 Oct, 21:30
16 Oct, 14:15
16 Oct, 21:30
17 Oct, 14:15
17 Oct, 21:30
18 Oct, 14:15
18 Oct, 21:30

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Melinda Gordon inherited her "gift" - the ability to see and talk with the spirits of dead people - from, and was coached in its use by her grandmother. Running an antique store in a small town, newly married to a paramedic, Melinda helps the ghosts wandering around who are trapped between worlds by helping them to resolve unfulfilled aspects of their former life. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Abigail Breslin [10] Sarah Applewhite (TV Episode: Melinda's First Ghost) (2006)
Uriah Shelton [10] Young William (TV Episode: Holiday Spirit) (2007)
Nathan Gamble [10] Elliot Haley (TV Episode: Deadbeat Dads) (2008)
Joey King [11] Cassidy Peyton (TV Episode: Old Sins Cast Long Shadows) (2010)
Jenna Boyd [14] Julie Parker (TV Episode: Children of Ghosts) (2007)
Slade Pearce [13] Henry Benton (TV Episode: Home But Not Alone) (2008)
Kay Panabaker [17] Marlo Sinclair (TV Episode: Bad Blood) (2007)
Makenzie Vega [13] Becca Cahill (TV Episode: All Ghosts Lead to Grandview) (2007)
Kyle Chavarria [11] Kristen Filbert (TV Episode: The One) (2006)
Tanner Maguire [10] Owen Grace (TV Episode: Imaginary Friends and Enemies) (2008)
Will Shadley [11] Young Seth Farber (TV Episode: Dead Ringer) (2010)
William Brent [15] Pete Murphy (TV Episode: The Children's Parade) (2010)
Ariel Winter [10] Natalie (TV Episode: Imaginary Friends and Enemies) (2008)
Joseph Castanon [8] Kenny Dale (TV Episode: The Crossing) (2005)
Isabella Peregrina [11] Young Tricia (TV Episode: Imaginary Friends and Enemies) (2008)
Jeremy Shada [10] Liam Fletcher (TV Episode: The Prophet) (2007)
Tyler Patrick Jones [12] Ned Banks (TV Episode: The Prophet) (2006)
Wyatt Smith [15] Josh Bancroft (TV Episode: Life on the Line) (2009)
Shelby Young [14] Young Stacy (TV Episode: Friendly Neighborhood Ghost) (2006)
Kali Majors [9] Daisy (TV Episode: Stranglehold) (2008)
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