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Maude (TV series 1972-1978)

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1972 September, 12
30 minutes
Production Company:


This "All In The Family" spin-off centers around Edith's cousin, Maude Findlay. She's a liberal, independent woman living in Tuckahoe, NY with her fourth husband Walter, owner of Findlay's Friendly Appliances; Carol Trainor, Maude's divorced daughter from her 2nd marriage; and Philip, Carol's son. Other characters included: Dr. Arthur Harmon, Walter's conservative best friend from their Army days. He and Maude were always at odds when it came to politics and just about everything. Vivian Cavender-Harmon, Maude's naive best friend from their college days who married Harmon in season three. During the show's run, Maude had gone through three maids during the series run: Florida Evans, Nell Naugutuck and Victoria Butterfield. Mrs. Naugutuck and Florida, however, were the most memorable. Although it was a situation comedy, it dealt with serious and often controversial issues, much like Norman Lear's other shows "All In The Family" "One Day At a Time" and "Good Times." - IMDb

Una signora in gamba Italy
Мод (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Sparky Marcus [11] Ian Harmon (TV Episode: Arthur's Grandson) (1978)
Brian Morrison [11] Phillip Traynor (TV Episode: Doctor, Doctor) (1972)
Kraig Metzinger [14] Phillip Traynor (TV Episode: Maude's Big Move: Part 1) (1977)
Keith Taylor Delivery Boy / Jeff (TV Episode: The Grass Story) (1972)

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