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The Emperor's New School (TV series)

The Emperor's New Skool (USA: working title)

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2006 January, 27
30 minutes
Animation / Comedy
Production Company:

Adolescent emperor/designator Kuzco isn't allowed to rule or live in the palace until he graduates from Kuzco Academy. Being a naughty, lazy pupil, he's in danger of remaining an uneasy guest in lama-herdsman Pacha's humble family for long. He may even be deposed altogether, if evil pretender Yzma gets her way in endless schemes involving gentle giant Kronk and magical potions. Yet flippant Kuzco pursues puerile pleasures and fellow pupil Malina, his opposite as commoner model pupil, uninterested yet often his salvation, as is Kronk. - IMDb

Disneys Kuzcos Königsklasse Germany
The Emperor's New Skool (working title) USA
Ena sholeio gia ton aftokratora (second season title) Greece
Keisarin uusi koulu Finland
Király suli Hungary
Kuzco, un emperador en el cole Spain
Kuzco, un empereur à l'école France
A Nova Escola do Imperador Portugal
O aftokratoras paei sholeio (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Saskin Imparatorun Okulu (Turkish title) Turkey
A Scuola con l'imperatore Italy
Vladarova nová skola Czech Republic

Children's Cast:

Chloë Grace Moretz [9] Furi (TV Episode: Kuzcogarten/Evil and Eviler) (2006)
Cole Sprouse [14] Zim (TV Episode: Oops, All Doodles/Chipmunky Business) (2006)
Dylan Sprouse [14] Zam (TV Episode: Oops, All Doodles/Chipmunky Business) (2006)
Miley Cyrus [15] Mudka's Meat Hut Waitress (TV Episode: Demon Llama/Show Me the Monkey) (2007)
Shane Baumel [9] Tipo (TV Episode: Cornivale) (2006)

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