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A Boyfriend for Christmas (TV)

A Boyfriend for Christmas (USA)

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2004 November, 27
90 minutes
Romance / Comedy / Drama / Family


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Holly is not looking forward to Xmas. Her brother has a wife and kids to bring to their parents' house. She hasn't had a boyfriend since Ted. Holly loved Ted but he broke her heart when he chose to break up with her when he was transferred to an out of town newspaper owned by his family's publishing empire. Oh, and work is unrewarding--today the woman Holly was helping failed to regain custody of her kids when pro bono lawyer Ryan Hughes never showed up at the hearing. Knowing she will never meet Hughes, Holly has to settle for dictating a nasty letter to him. Holly's friend Diane tries to perk her up by promising to send her a great Xmas present. So when a handsome man with a Xmas tree knocks at her door, she realizes Douglas Firwood is her present and she can take him home to her parents for the day as a boyfriend she is serious about. Holly thinks the day is going perfectly--she and Doug are hitting it off, her family likes Doug, and her family believes every fact about Doug that she dreams up on the spur of the moment. There are three truths she doesn't realize: her brother's wife foresees great professional advancement if she can get his new boss Ted married to Holly so Ted is coming over, Diane's gift to Holly was a great bottle of booze, and how unbelievably coincidental it is that the man showing up at her door carrying a Douglas fir should claim to be named Douglas Firwood. - IMDb

В душе каждого человека живет мечта о настоящей любви. Холли Грант не хватает того, что есть у двух ее лучших подруг - Бет и Дианы. Без бойфренда в рождественский вечер ее жизнь лишена главного, и только чудо может исправить ситуацию.

A Boyfriend for Christmas USA
Chłopak na święta Poland
Decko za Bozic Croatia
Erotas ta Hristougenna (transliterated title) Greece
Fant za bozic Slovenia
Karácsonyi szerelem Hungary
Priateľ pod stromček Slovakia
Přítel pod stromečkem Czechoslovakia
Udvarlót karácsonyra Hungary
Um Namorado Para o Natal (cable TV title) Brazil
Un copain pour Noël Canada
Un fiancé pour Noël France
Un fidanzato per Natale Italy
Un novio para Navidad Argentina
Un novio por Navidad Spain
Бойфренд на Рождество Russia
Гадже за коледа Bulgaria
Хлопець на Різдво Ukraine
圣诞节的男朋友 China

Children's Cast:

Shane Baumel [7] Neal Grant
Jordan Del Spina [9] Noah Grant
Kimberlee Preish Becky Denning
Cindy-Lee Marsh Beth (age 13)
Kelli King [12] Holly (age 13)
Kaleigh Sack Diane (age 13)
Cameron McCutchan Ryan Hughes (age 13)
Marki Ann Meyer Darcy Hughes (age 5)