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According to Jim (TV series 2001-2009)

The Dad (USA: working title)

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2001 October, 3
30 minutes

A TV show centered around macho everyman, his loving wife, and their three precocious children. - IMDb

The Dad (working title) USA
Immer wieder Jim Germany
Jim hat immer recht Austria
Jim szerint a világ Hungary
Jim wie lepiej Poland
Jimi maailm Estonia
Jims värld Sweden
El Mundo según Jim Spain
O Jim é Assim Brazil
Perheen kalleudet Finland
Svijet prema Jimu Croatia
La vita secondo Jim Italy
Život prema Džimu Serbia
Как сказал Джим Russia
Питайте Джим (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Cole Sprouse [16] Cody (TV Episode: I Drink Your Milkshake) (2008)
Dylan Sprouse [16] Zack (TV Episode: I Drink Your Milkshake) (2008)
Kurt Doss [8] Kid #1 (TV Episode: Dress to Kill Me) (2004)
Kyle Chavarria [8] Ashley (TV Episode: Slumber Party) (2003)
Mason Cook [8] Concert Attendee (TV Episode: The Chaperone) (2008)
Billi Bruno [4] Gracie (TV Episode: Heaven Opposed to Hell) (2001)
Conner Rayburn [5] Kyle (TV Episode: Heaven Opposed to Hell) (2004)
Marc Musso [12] Mike Murphy (TV Episode: The Punch) (2007)
Megan Taylor Harvey [11] Olivia (TV Episode: About a Girl) (2003)
Taylor Atelian [6] Ruby (TV Episode: Heaven Opposed to Hell) (2001)
Quinn Buniel [17] Teenage Boy #1 (TV Episode: Ruby's First Date) (2008)
Benjamin Bryan [10] Kid #2 (TV Episode: Dress to Kill Me) (2004)
Philip Bolden [8] Kid (TV Episode: The Smell of Success) (2003)
Austin Majors [11] Justin (TV Episode: Daddy Dearest) (2006)
Andy Morrow [16] Jason (TV Episode: The Errand) (2003)
Austin Rogers [10] Kid (TV Episode: No Crime, But Punishment) (2004)
Courtney Taylor Burness [12] Tabitha (TV Episode: Coach Jim) (2007)
Savannah Stehlin [12] Rebecca (TV Episode: The Chaperone) (2008)
Lulu Antariksa [8] Madeline (TV Episode: Slumber Party) (2003)
Lily Jackson [7] Student #2 (TV Episode: The Race) (2005)
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