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Oh, Johnny, How You Can Love!

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1940 January, 1
63 minutes
Comedy / Music / Romance
Production Company:

Johnny Sandham (Tom Brown), a traveling salesman for a department store, agrees, under duress after his truck forced her roadster of the road, to take "Kelly" Archer (Peggy Moran), a runaway heiress, to New York City, where she intends to elope with her named-but-never-seen fiancée. They are soon caught in the cross-fire car chase involving three bank robbers--- Ed the Weasel (Allen Jenkins), "Doc" Kedrick (Jospeh Downing) and "Lefty" Hodges (Horace MacMahon)---and a highway patrol pursuit car. Ere long, Ed, ends up in the truck with Johnny and "Kelly", and decides Canada is a better destination for him than NYC. Somewhere, south of Canada and north of NYC, the truck brakes fail, and while they are being repaired at Adelbert Thistlebottom's Garage, they take a cabin at Thistlebottom's Motel/Tourist Camp. Adelbert (Donald Meek) is more than slightly addled; he wears a cowboy costume and has all of his camp cabins automated in various ways. Betty Jane Rhodes, another guest at the tourist camp sings the title song, while Bonnie Baker, who made the recording that landed it on the Hit Parade, is not seen even though somebody keeps incorrectly adding her to the cast. - IMDb

La heredera caprichosa Mexico
Veszélyes utitárs Hungary

Children's Cast:

Juanita Quigley [8] 'Junior'

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