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Doc McStuffins (TV series)

Doc McStuffins (USA)
Doctora Juguetes (USA)

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2012 March, 23
11 minutes
Animation / Music
Production Company:

Animated series about a 6-year-old girl who communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys. - IMDb

Bác Sĩ Thú Nhồi Bông Vietnam
Doc McStuffins Singapore
Doc McStuffins USA
Doc McStuffins United Arab Emirates
Doc McStuffins South Africa
Doc McStuffins Australia
Doc McStuffins Philippines
Doc McStuffins United Kingdom
Doc McStuffins Canada
Doc McStuffins, Spielzeugärztin West Germany
Docteur la peluche Canada
Docteur La Peluche France
Doctora Juguetes USA
Doctora Juguetes Mexico
Doctora Juguetes Peru
Doctora Juguetes Spain
Doktor McStuffins Norway
Doktor McStuffins Sweden
Doktoresha e Lodrave Albania
Doktorica Pliško Croatia
Dottoressa Peluche Italy
Doutora Brinquedos Brazil
Dr. Plüssi Hungary
Klinika dla Pluszaków Poland
Η μικρή γιατρός Greece
Доктор Плюшева Russia
Лікар Плюшева Ukraine
ドックはおもちゃドクター Japan
小醫師大玩偶 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Nolan Gould [13] Lil Jack (TV Episode: Out of the Box)
Caitlin Carmichael [8] Alma (TV Episode: Willow's Wonky Whiskers) (2012)
Dharbi Jens Melinda the Mermaid (TV Episode: Get Set to Get Wet/Loud Louie) (2012)
Trenton Rogers [12] (TV Episode: Arcade Escapade/Starry, Starry Night) (2012)
China Anne McClain [14] Tisha (TV Episode: Chilly Gets Chilly/Through the Reading Glasses) (2012)
Elan Garfias [13] Carlos (TV Episode: Tea Party Tantrum/Blast Off!) (2012)
Sayeed Shahidi Donny McStuffins (TV Episode: Arcade Escapade/Starry, Starry Night) (2012)
Rio Mangini [12] Ian (TV Episode: Crikey! It's Wildlife Will!/Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal) (2014)
Buddy Handleson Luca (TV Episode: Out of the Box/Run Down Race Car) (2012)
Grace Kaufman Ramona (TV Episode: Celestial Celeste/Run Doc Run!) (2014)
Kyla Kenedy [11] Tamara (TV Episode: Crikey! It's Wildlife Will!/Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal) (2014)
Duncan Joiner Ian (TV Episode: Welcome to McStuffinsville) (2016)
Jaden Betts Donny McStuffins
Teo Briones [8] Carlos (TV Episode: The Glider Brothers/Disco Dress Up Daisy) (2013)
Luke Ganalon Luca (TV Episode: McStuffins School of Medicine/The Super Amazing Ultra Hoppers) (2014)
Kylee Anderson [12] Emmie
Julian Zane Dev (TV Episode: First Responders to the Rescue) (2017)
Andre Robinson [10] Donny McStuffins
Aidan McGraw Boy (TV Episode: The Doc McStuffins Christmas Special) (2018)
Kiara Muhammad Doc McStuffins
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