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Frasier (TV series 1993-2004)

Frasier (United Kingdom)

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1993 September, 16
30 minutes


Eminent Boston Psychiatrist, Frasier Crane, last seen gracing the bars of Cheers has left his life there to start afresh in Seattle. He now has a spot as a popular radio Psychiatrist, giving him the chance to spread words of wit and wisdom to the masses. He shares his apartment with his retired cop father, Martin, and his father's physical care assistant, Daphne Moon. Add in brother Niles, Eddie the dog, some bizarre situations and plenty of humour and you've got all the ingredients for an excellent show and worthy successor to Cheers. - IMDb

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そりゃないぜ!? フレイジャー Japan
歡樂一家親 Taiwan
費氏話你知 Hong Kong

Children's Cast:

Elijah Wood [13] Ethan (TV Episode: Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast) (1994)
Macaulay Culkin [14] Elliott (TV Episode: Seat of Power) (1994)
Soren Fulton [10] Justin (TV Episode: Room Full of Heroes) (2001)
Skye McCole Bartusiak [8] Girl with Drawing (TV Episode: The Three Faces of Frasier) (2000)
Cameron Bowen [14] Young Frasier (TV Episode: Deathtrap) (2002)
Kieran Culkin [14] Jimmy (TV Episode: The Impossible Dream) (1996)
Misha Henson [13] Sandy (TV Episode: Some Assembly Required) (2003)
Steven Anthony Lawrence [11] Jason White / Kid (TV Episode: Room Full of Heroes) (2001)
Caitlin Barrett [14] Melody (TV Episode: Cranes Unplugged) (2001)
Joey Zimmerman [11] Dracula (TV Episode: Halloween) (1997)
Michael Welch [11] Young Niles (TV Episode: Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name) (1998)
Luke Tarsitano [5] Frederick Gaylord Crane (TV Episode: Frasier Grinch) (1995)
Zachary McLemore [13] Big Kid (TV Episode: Perspectives on Christmas) (1997)
J.B. Gaynor [7] Billy (TV Episode: Perspectives on Christmas) (1997)
Scout Taylor-Compton [14] Gym Girl (TV Episode: Trophy Girlfriend) (2003)
Hilary Duff [17] Britney (TV Episode: Frasier-Lite) (2004)
Brendan Hill [14] Jeremy Berman (TV Episode: Star Mitzvah) (2002)
Brittany Murphy [17] Olsen (TV Episode: Give Him the Chair!) (1994)
Miles Marsico [10] Johnny (TV Episode: Odd Man Out) (1997)
Ashley Bank [13] Renata Harper (TV Episode: Can't Buy Me Love) (1994)