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Mr. Novak (TV series 1963-1965)

Mr. Novak (USA)

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1963 September, 24
60 minutes
Production Company:

The experiences of a young, tough-minded, idealistic high school English teacher on his first job provided the stories in this series. John Novak begins at Jefferson High School in Los Angeles under Principal Albert Vane, who doesn't always agree with Novak's approach, but admires his dedication to teaching. Eventually, Vane is elected to state superintendent and Martin Woodridge becomes the new principal. Stories centered on the life of Novak, student-teacher relationships, and the struggles of other young teachers. - IMDb

Lehtori Novak Finland
Mr. Novak Brazil
Mr. Novak Canada
Mr. Novak Canada
Mr. Novak Spain
Mr. Novak USA
ミスター・ノバック Japan

Children's Cast:

Michael Winkelman [17] Mark / Don / Charlie (TV Episode: To Lodge and Dislodge) (1963)
Rickie Sorensen [17] Eddie / Clay / Carl (TV Episode: I Don't Even Live Here) (1963)
Peter Lazer [17] Arnold Frazer (TV Episode: My Name Is Not Legion) (1963)
Michel Petit Michael Brown (TV Episode: From the Brow of Zeus) (1965)
Trudi Ames [17] Jane (TV Episode: I Don't Even Live Here) (1963)
Karen Green Sarah / Judy (TV Episode: Chin Up, Mr. Novak) (1964)
Stephen Talbot [14] Steve (TV Episode: A Single Isolated Incident) (1963)
Reba Waters Amy (TV Episode: The Risk) (1963)
Dennis Olivieri [16] Bill (TV Episode: A Single Isolated Incident) (1963)
Raymond Cavaleri [16] Thin Boy (TV Episode: First Year, First Day) (1963)
Sherry Alberoni [17] June Harrison (TV Episode: Hello, Miss Phipps) (1963)