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Mr. Young (TV series)

Mr. Young (USA)

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2011 March, 1
22 minutes
Comedy / Family

A Young Adult finds himself graduating much earlier than the rest of the kids his age. He becomes a teacher at the same High school his sister and best friend goes to. He soon develops a crush on a student of his and also is starting to get bullied by another. - IMDb

Mr. Young Canada
Mr. Young Ecuador
Mr. Young USA
Mr. Young United Kingdom
Mr. Young Turkey
Mr. Young Italy
Mr. Young Mexico
Mr. Young Canada
Professor Young Portugal
Sr. Young Spain
Sr. Young Brazil
Мистер Янг Russia

Children's Cast:

Jacob Tremblay [7] (TV Episode: Mr. Finale Part 1) (2013)
Matreya Fedor [14] Echo
Connor Christopher Levins [12] Jimmy (TV Episode: Mr. Marvelous) (2011)
Dalila Bela [11] Lucy Roboto (TV Episode: Mr. & Mrs. Roboto) (2012)
Jakob Davies [10] Young Derby (TV Episode: Mr. Freshman) (2013)
Megan McKinnon [16] Kiss Cam Girl (TV Episode: Mr. Spring Break) (2012)
Nicholas Elia [16] Mr. Kidd (TV Episode: Mr. Memory) (2013)
Ryan Ochoa [16] Diego (TV Episode: Mr. Spring Break) (2012)
Gig Morton [15] Derby (TV Episode: Mr. Spin-Off) (2011)
Brendan Meyer [17] Adam Young / Mr. Young (TV Episode: Mr. Spin-Off) (2011)
Darien Provost Joseph (TV Episode: Mr. Brain) (2011)
Seth Isaac Johnson Burlap Sack E.T. (TV Episode: Mr. Elf) (2012)
Michael Strusievici [11] Alfie (TV Episode: Mr. Elf) (2012)
Spencer Drever Young Adam (TV Episode: Mr. Freshman) (2013)
Devina Briggs Young Echo (TV Episode: Mr. Freshman) (2013)
Connor Beardmore [14] Bert (TV Episode: Mr. Claus) (2011)
Olivia Steele Falconer Chloe (TV Episode: Mr. Big Brother) (2011)