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Mr. Young (TV series)

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2011 March, 1
22 minutes
Comedy / Family

A Young Adult finds himself graduating much earlier than the rest of the kids his age. He becomes a teacher at the same High school his sister and best friend goes to. He soon develops a crush on a student of his and also is starting to get bullied by another. - IMDb

Professor Young Portugal
Sr. Young Spain
Мистер Янг Russia

Children's Cast:

Jacob Tremblay [7] (TV Episode: Mr. Finale Part 1) (2013)
Matreya Fedor [14] Echo
Connor Christopher Levins [12] Jimmy (TV Episode: Mr. Marvelous) (2011)
Dalila Bela [11] Lucy Roboto (TV Episode: Mr. & Mrs. Roboto) (2012)
Jakob Davies [10] Young Derby (TV Episode: Mr. Freshman) (2013)
Megan McKinnon [16] Kiss Cam Girl (TV Episode: Mr. Spring Break) (2012)
Nicholas Elia [16] Mr. Kidd (TV Episode: Mr. Memory) (2013)
Ryan Ochoa [16] Diego (TV Episode: Mr. Spring Break) (2012)
Gig Morton [15] Derby (TV Episode: Mr. Spin-Off) (2011)
Brendan Meyer [17] Adam Young / Mr. Young (TV Episode: Mr. Spin-Off) (2011)
Darien Provost Joseph (TV Episode: Mr. Brain) (2011)
Seth Isaac Johnson Burlap Sack E.T. (TV Episode: Mr. Elf) (2012)
Michael Strusievici [11] Alfie (TV Episode: Mr. Elf) (2012)
Spencer Drever Young Adam (TV Episode: Mr. Freshman) (2013)
Devina Briggs Young Echo (TV Episode: Mr. Freshman) (2013)
Connor Beardmore [14] Bert (TV Episode: Mr. Claus) (2011)
Olivia Steele Falconer Chloe (TV Episode: Mr. Big Brother) (2011)

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