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Elopement (TV)

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2010 May, 22

In Chicago, Illinois, six year old Emily Howland requires a kidney transplant imminently or will die from kidney failure. Her parents, Sarah and Kirk Howland, the latter who owns a successful car lot, are not appropriate matches. As such, Kirk unilaterally decides to go back to a life that he abandoned eight years ago in Portland, Oregon, a life about which Sarah knows nothing and about which Kirk does not plan on telling her. Then, he, under his real name of Mark Drummond, and his then girlfriend, Jamie Butler, had rented a single engine plane to fly from Portland to Las Vegas to elope, as three of their four parents disapproved of them getting married, largely due to class differences. Mark at the time was floundering in life trying to figure out what to do with no savings. Mark and Jamie ended up stealing $200,000 of Mrs. Butler's money with every intention of paying it back when they could. However, in a raging storm, their plane crashed in a lake en route, the wreckage and bodies never having been found. Mark absconded with the money to start a new life, leaving Jamie strapped in the plane to die at the bottom of the lake. As Mark goes about enacting a plan to get a matching family member kidney, he is unaware that his police officer brother, now Detective David Drummond, has not let the case die, believing possibly that Mark and Jamie could be alive as the bodies were never recovered. Mark is also unaware of other things that happened that fateful day at the lake... - IMDb

48 óra rettegés Hungary
48 Ore di terrore Italy
Porwanie Poland
Prêt à tout (TV title) France
Secuestrada Spain
Uprowadzona: 48 godzin strachu (new title) Poland

Children's Cast:

Jianna Ballard [17] Astrid
Gig Morton [14] Skateboard Kid
Madison Bell Emily Howland

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