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Dynamite (USA)

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1929 December, 13
129 minutes
Production Company:

Wealthy Cynthia is in love with not-so-wealthy Roger, who is married to Marcia. The threesome is terribly modern about the situation, and Marcia will gladly divorce Roger if Cynthia agrees to a financial settlement. But Cynthia's wealth is in jeopardy because her trust fund will expire if she is not married by a certain date. To satisfy that condition, Cynthia arranges to marry Hagon Derk, who is condemned to die for a crime he didn't commit. She pays him so he can provide for his little sister. But at the last minute, Derk is freed when the true criminal is discovered. Expecting to be a rich widow, Cynthia finds herself married to a man she doesn't know and doesn't want to. - IMDb

Bonecas de Lama Brazil
Dinamit Hungary
Dinamita Spain
Dinamita Argentina
Dinamite Portugal
Dinamite Brazil
Dinamite Italy
Dynamiet Netherlands
Dynamiet Belgium
Dynamiittia Finland
Dynamit Denmark
Dynamit Sweden
Dynamit Austria
Dynamit Poland
Dynamit West Germany
Dynamite France
Dynamite Belgium
Dynamite Canada
Dynamite USA
Dynamite United Kingdom
Dynamitis (transliterated title) Greece
ダイナマイト(1929) Japan

Children's Cast:

Douglas Scott [4] Bobby
Buster Slaven [7] Little Boy
Muriel McCormac [11] Katie Derk