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Szerelmi álmok - Liszt

Also known as: Franz Liszt (Greece: transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Director: Márton Keleti
Release: 29 Oct 1970
Country: Hungary
Soviet Union
Runtime: 156 minutes
Genre: Biography / Drama / History / Music / Romance

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Pianist and composer Liszt was giving performances all over Europe and made his famous concert tour to St. Petersburg, Russia. Liszt's brilliant piano playing impressed the Russian royalty and aristocracy. Even the Russian Tsar had to stop talking when Liszt was playing his piano. Liszt became friends with the Russian composer Glinka. Liszt's beautiful music touched everyone's heart. Women pursued him and his lengthy affair with countess Marie D'Agoult was in trouble. In Russia Liszt met the beautiful princess Carolyne, who soon left her husband for Liszt . She became his last love, and he composed the "Dream of Love", dedicated to her. But the Chirch did not allow Liszt to marry princess Caroline, because she could not terminate her first marriage. Being loved by the public, Liszt was never really happy in his personal life, and he expressed himself making beautiful music. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Lyudmila Vasyutinskaya [8]

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