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I Mobster

My Rating: /10
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1959 January, 23
81 minutes
Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 500 000


Joe Sante wants to be the big man, and nobody is going stand in his way. In a world full of smoke, molls, shakedowns, muscle, and murder, Joe knows what he wants and how to get it. But can he disregard his poor old immigrant parents who are ashamed of his criminal life? Will he drag his sweet girlfriend into the life of the underworld? And most importantly, can Joe trust his mobster friends? - IMDb

Destino de um Gângster Brazil
Eu gangsterul Romania
Gangster Nr. 1 West Germany
Gangster Nr. 1 Austria
A Vida de um Gangster (cable TV title) Brazil
A Vida de Um Gangster Portugal
La vida de un gángster Venezuela
La vida de un gángster Argentina
La vida de un gángster Mexico
La vita di un gangster Italy

Children's Cast:

Brad Morrow [16] Cherry Nose Sirago (young)