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Five Minutes to Doom


Director: Thomas Carr
Release: 18 Sep 1953
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Action / Adventure / Crime / Family / Sci-Fi

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Clark Kent and Lois Lane interview Winters, a man on death row. As Clark listens to Winter's story, he checks the convict's pulse. It remains steady and Clark is convinced Winters is innocent. Clark's suspicions are confirmed when he and Lois pick up a hitchhiker on their way back to Metropolis and the hitchhiker leaves a bomb meant for the reporters. The Daily Planet reporters search for a way to clear Winters. They obtain key evidence but a violent electrical storm has knocked out telephone service between Metropolis and the state capital. Superman flies to the governor, convinces him to sign an order staying the execution. But can he get to the prison in time to prevent an innocent man from dying in the electric chair? - IMDb

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