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True Confession

True Confession (United Kingdom)

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1937 December, 24
85 minutes
Production Company:


Helen and Ken are a pretty strange couple. She is a pathological liar, and he is a scrupulously honest (and therefore unsuccessful) lawyer. Helen starts a new job, and when her employer is found dead, all the (circumstantial) evidence points at her. She is put on trial for murder, and her husband defends her. He thinks she is lying again when she says she didn't do it, and insists she plead that she did, but in self defense. Charlie, a shady, odd character who may or may not know something about what really happened, hangs around the courtroom and jail making rude comments and noises. After Helen is acquitted, he tries to blackmail them. - IMDb

Confesión sincera Spain
Confissão de Mulher Brazil
Eghraar e Haghighy Iran
La folle confession Belgium
La folle confession France
Hazugság, asszony a neved Hungary
Kan disse læber lyve? Denmark
Kunna dessa ögon ljuga? Sweden
Lügen... ein Vergnügen Austria
La moglie bugiarda Italy
Ein Mordsschwindel West Germany
Oi gynaikes agapoun ta psemmata (transliterated title) Greece
São Assim as Mulheres Portugal
True Confession United Kingdom
True Confession Australia
True Confession USA
True Confession Canada
Vaalea valehtelijatar Finland
Een vrouw met fantasie Netherlands
Чистосердечное признание Soviet Union
真実の告白 Japan

Children's Cast:

Beaudine Anderson [17] Autograph Hunter
Bradley Metcalfe Autograph Hunter
Seessel Anne Johnson [16] Autograph Hunter
Carmencita Johnson [14] Autograph Hunter