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Sunshine of Paradise Alley

Sunshine of Paradise Alley (USA)

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1926 December, 15
Drama / Romance
Production Company:

A wealthy banker wants to tear down a tenement slum to build a factory, but a charming girl who lives there begins to persuade him to change his mind. A crooked bank employee and one of the tenement dwellers are stealing bonds from the bank. When they are about to be caught, they try to frame the girl and her boyfriend, and the bank employee attempts to force himself on the girl. All comes right in the end, and the banker decides to build new apartments for the tenement dwellers instead of a factory. - IMDb

Naquele Beco Modesto Brazil
Sunshine of Paradise Alley USA

Children's Cast:

Bobby Nelson [4] Bum
Monty O'Grady [10] Little Boy
Leon Janney [9]