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Was ist bloß mit meinen Männern los? (TV)

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2002 May, 16
93 minutes


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The ideal world is falling apart for 12-year-old Fridolin: his parents – the successful judge Dr. Daniel Sternberg and Ellie Sternberg, a landscape designer – want to separate. The young boy muses on ways of bringing the two of them back together, and he is lucky. He comes across the goblin Boschi on the Internet. In the wink of an eye, Boschi uses his magic to transfer Fridolin into his father’s body. Meanwhile, his father wakes up the next morning as a small boy.
Daniel Sternberg now struggles with the problems of a twelve year old, and Fridolin tries to be the real man about the place. He makes some rather unconventional decisions at court, and after work he attempts to drive away his dad’s girlfriend while gathering a few bonus points with Ellie.
But his mother is busy with other things, mainly with her new boyfriend Eric. Fridolin’s plan begins to look more and more doomed to failure. Now he will have to drive away two new partners. Added to this, there is the problem of time, which is running out: he has only 48 hours left in which to fulfil his desires, otherwise the magic can never be reversed... -

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Was ist bloß mit meinen Männern los? West Germany
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Children's Cast:

Sidonie von Krosigk [12] Katja
Max Felder [13] Fridolin Sternberg
David Klock [14] Alex