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Verschwinde von hier (TV)

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2005 September, 4
90 minutes
Production Company:

After the birth of her son Lukas, the 17-year-old girl hippie Janna abandons him to the loveless care of his grandmother. Left to himself, Lukas - who is handicapped by a hip ailment - discovers he has a gift: he can speak to animals. Years later, his mother brings Lukas to the city where she lives. Her boyfriend Janosch, a petty criminal, takes the boy under his wing and shows him that life can be wild and beautiful. Janosch becomes the first person Lukas loves, but one day he is arrested and ends up in prison. Swearing to remain loyal to him forever, Lukas takes over Janosch's role.
When Janna falls in love with Harry Koenig, the flashy owner of a gambling arcade, Lukas realizes that his dream of Janosch's return is in danger. Using every means possible, he tries to prevent the rival from taking the place of the man who means everything to him ... -

'Get Outa Here  
Tűnj el innen! Hungary
Verschwinde von hier West Germany

Children's Cast:

Sidonie von Krosigk [15] Babs
Jonathan Beck [14] Lukas Weber 6 Jahre
Simon Glöcklhofer Lukas Weber 14 Jahre