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Pair of Kings (TV series)

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2010 October, 10
Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Production Company:

Teenage twins from Chicago discover they are heirs to the throne of an island nation. - IMDb

Bir Çift Kral (Turkish title) Turkey
Coppia di re Italy
Kaksi Kunkkua Finland
King Sibling (English title) Japan
KING兄弟 (Japanese title) Japan
Király páros Hungary
Pair of Kings - Die Königsbrüder Germany
Paire de rois France
Par de Reis Brazil
Par de Reis Portugal
Par de reyes Spain
Para królów Poland
Perechea de regi Romania
To konger Norway
Δίδυμοι Βασιλιάδες Greece
Два короля Russia

Children's Cast:

Karan Brar [13] Tito (TV Episode: I Know What You Did Last Sunday) (2012)
Noah Crawford [16] No-Beard (TV Episode: Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou?) (2010)
Ryan Ochoa [14] Lanny (TV Episode: Episode #4.6) (2010)
Davis Cleveland [8] Chauncey (TV Episode: Big Kings on Campus) (2010)
Robert Ochoa Troll (TV Episode: Heart and Troll) (2012)
Sayeed Shahidi Billy (TV Episode: Pair of Santas) (2011)
Raymond Ochoa [9] Young Boy / Young Lanny (TV Episode: Revenge of the Mummy) (2010)
Tyrel Jackson Williams Hilo Tutuki (TV Episode: The King Beneath My Wings) (2011)
Gabriel Aslan Island Boy (TV Episode: O Lanada) (2012)
Tai Urban Pirate Boy Calico Jack Jr. (TV Episode: Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou?) (2010)
Romeo Ortega Island Kid (TV Episode: Journey to the Center of Mt. Spew) (2011)

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