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The Star Maker

The Star Maker (United Kingdom)

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1939 August, 25
94 minutes
Biography / Comedy / Music
Production Company:

A penniless song writer, Larry Earl, is convinced he is going places in shown business, and convinces Mary, an assistant at an orphanage, to marry him. Fifteen months later they are still in love, but broke as Larry writes songs that won't sell and loses one job after another one. He stops to watch a group of newsboys singing and dancing, and decides to organize them into the greatest kid act to ever hit vaudeville. Mary persuades Proctor, a big theatrical manager, to book the act, and they are a big hit. Then Larry and his publicity agent, "Speed" King, launch a big publicity stunt---a talent train in which they travel across country holding auditions for young performers. Back in New York, Carlotta Salvini, an ex-OPera singer, brings in her talented fourteen-year-old-daughter, Jane, who has an amazing voice. Larry, to get the mother out of the way, offers Carlotta a forty-week vaudeville tour, and then goes to work to make a star out of Jane, by building Braodway's first all-kiddie musical revue around her. Opening night has "School Days" as the first act and the show and Jane are a big hit...until the Gerry Society, organized to protect working children, reminds Larry there is a law against children working after 10 p m., and the show closes. Larry's future appears dim at best. - IMDb

Berço de Estrelas Brazil
Frou-frou de Broadway France
O Criador de Estrelas Portugal
The Star Maker United Kingdom
The Star Maker USA
Stjerneparaden Denmark
Vi som vill opp! Sweden
Łowca talentów Poland

Children's Cast:

Darryl Hickman [8] Boots
Gene Collins [7] Dummy
Paul Hilton [9]
Joe Geil [11] Red
Margaret Kerry [10] Chorus Member
Elaine Merk [8] Merry Oldsmobile Performer
Jack Lindquist [12] Chorus Member
Don Hulbert [13] Duck
Kenneth Wilson [13] Ken
Clyde Willson [4]
Dickie Humphreys [9] Chicago
Kay Tapscott [6] Marilyn McKay-cutie
Marlene Mains [8] Merry Oldsmobile Performer
Leon Tyler [7] Big Ears
Carlotta Jelm [9] School Scene Performer
Marilyn Marlin Ginger
William Byrne Chorus Member
Mitchell Singing Boys St. Brendan's Boy Choir
Johnnie Morris [16] Newsboy
Patsy Parsons [8] Cookie
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