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Everwood (TV series 2002-2006)


Aka: Our New Life in Everwood (UK: new syndication title)
Director: Michael Schultz, David Petrarca, Perry Lang ... more
Year: 2002
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

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When Manhattan surgeon Andrew 'Andy' Brown is widowed, he decides to start a whole new life in the idyllic Colorado town Everwood, but gets more than he bargained for - it takes an eternity for a city-boy to fit in the small community, which already had a popular physician, and it's even worse for his unearthed kids, whom he must now parent alone: Ephram, a sensitive kid and gifted pianist, and his little sister Delia. As they all get to know Everwood people and each other better, relationships develop and change. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jimmy Bennett [8] Sam Feeney (TV Episode: The Reflex) (2004)
Reiley McClendon [13] Travis (TV Episode: My Brother's Keeper) (2003)
Ben Hammond [8] Sam Feeney (TV Episode: Foreverwood: Part 2) (2004)
Carter Jenkins [13] David Beck (TV Episode: Staking Claim) (2004)
Cody McMains [17] Wendell (TV Episode: Friendly Fire) (2002)
Vivien Cardone [9] Delia Brown (TV Episode: Foreverwood: Part 2) (2002)
Wayne Dalglish [13] Young Bright Abbott (TV Episode: The Miracle of Everwood) (2003)
Bret Loehr [9] Magilla (TV Episode: Friendly Fire) (2002)
Ruby Chase [13] Penny (TV Episode: The Land of Confusion) (2006)
Haley McCormick Susie Clark (TV Episode: Acceptance) (2002)
J. Dhylan Meyer [11] Michael Beck (TV Episode: Staking Claim) (2004)
Shane Haboucha [14] Charlie Hayes (TV Episode: Sacrifice) (2004)
Drew Osborne [12] Swimmer (TV Episode: The Last of Summer) (2003)
Victoria Justice [13] Thalia Thompson (TV Episode: Enjoy the Ride) (2006)
Eric Ian Goldberg [14] Ben O'Connell (TV Episode: Turf Wars) (2002)
Patrick Stogner [11] Young Harold (TV Episode: My Brother's Keeper) (2003)
Rachel Thorp [10] Young Amy Abbott (TV Episode: The Miracle of Everwood) (2003)

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