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Arrested Development (TV series)

Arrested Development (United Kingdom)

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2003 November, 2
22 minutes


Meet the wildly dysfunctional Bluth family. This family was once at the height of real estate development in Orange County, California. But when the family business - the Bluth Company - goes bust, they're suddenly found penniless with their assets frozen. They move into their last remaining asset - the model home left over from their latest housing tract. Their luxury vehicles are replaced with a reminder of the family's former wealth - the stair car that accompanied their private jet. The patriarch of the family is George Bluth - he's now in prison, and loving every minute of it. His wife Lucille and daughter Lindsay are spoiled socialites who can't handle getting kicked out of family restaurants. His son Buster is in his mid 30's and lives at home. His son George Oscar Bluth is a magician who started a group to get magicians to be taken seriously - and gets kicked out when his own tricks are revealed. Lindsay is married to a man named Tobias Funke, once a psychiatrist, who decides to become an actor. The only sane member of the family - Michael Bluth, along with his son George Michael, want nothing to do with the family business. But one bizarre circumstance after another keeps Michael and George Michael from leaving their eccentric family. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Steele Stebbins [16] Young Michael (TV Episode: The Untethered Sole) (2019)
Mae Whitman [16] Ann Veal (TV Episode: Señoritis) (2004)
Alia Shawkat [14] Maeby Fünke / Shaman Sheman (TV Episode: Blockheads) (2003)
Connor Matheus [11] Boy #1 (TV Episode: Staff Infection) (2004)
Jordan-Claire Green [13] Supervisor's Daughter (TV Episode: Not Without My Daughter) (2004)
Michael Cera [15] George-Michael Bluth (TV Episode: Blockheads) (2003)
Benjamin Bryan [11] Young Michael Bluth - Age 10 and 14 (TV Episode: The Cabin Show) (2005)
Andy Morrow [16] Teen Magician (TV Episode: Pilot) (2003)
Curtis Blanck [16] Young Gob (TV Episode: Sad Sack) (2004)
Brandon Killham [9] Young Michael (TV Episode: Development Arrested) (2006)
Nicholas Roget-King [6] Kid in Pizza Restaurant (TV Episode: Storming the Castle) (2004)
Anthony Louis Lee [7] Young Michael (TV Episode: My Mother the Car) (2003)
Eli Vargas Perfecto Telles / Mexican Teenager (TV Episode: Off the Hook) (2004)
Thomas Robinson Undercover Cop Kid (TV Episode: A New Start) (2013)
Jackson Odell [16] Skateboarder (TV Episode: Indian Takers) (2013)
Andrew Vo Boy Prisoner #2 (TV Episode: Prison Break-In) (2005)
Thomas Barbusca [16] Young Gob (TV Episode: The Untethered Sole) (2019)
Zachary Haven Abel (TV Episode: A New Attitude) (2013)
Mackenzie Hannigan [9] Boy Gentles (TV Episode: Prison Break-In) (2005)
Trevor Larcom Gregory (TV Episode: A New Attitude) (2013)
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