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Cold Squad (TV series 1998-2005)

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1998 January, 23
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery

Cold Squad is a one hour police crime-drama made in Vancouver about a team of Vancouver police officers in charge of investigating and solving cases that have been in the "cold" file for a while, which basically means the police gave up on them because there were no leads. - IMDb

Auf kalter Spur Germany
Brigada speciala Romania
Cold Squad, brigade spéciale France
Files from the Past (English title) Israel
Halott ügyek Hungary
Wydział spraw zamkniętych Poland

Children's Cast:

Jodelle Ferland [5] Hailey Hatcher (TV Episode: Deadly Games: Part 2) (1999)
Casey Dubois [8] Bobby Pearson (TV Episode: The Nanny) (2001)
Conchita Campbell [10] Young April (TV Episode: The Filth: Part 1) (2005)
Kirsten Prout [15] Ashley (TV Episode: The Filth: Part 1) (2005)
David Kaye [10] (TV Episode: Christopher Williams) (1998)
Jesse Moss [16] Malcom Steeves (TV Episode: Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy) (1999)
Manny Petruzzelli Edwin (TV Episode: Christopher Williams) (1998)
Sean Smith [11] (TV Episode: Christopher Williams) (1998)
Tyler Thompson Ledo Coscarella (TV Episode: My So Called Death) (1999)
Shayn Solberg [15] Double E. (TV Episode: Deadly Games: Part 1) (1999)
Eryn Collins [17] Victim #2 (TV Episode: Dead End) (1999)
Richard de Klerk [15] Joey Harris (TV Episode: Deadly Games: Part 1) (1999)

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