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Cold Squad (TV series 1998-2005)

Cold Squad (USA)

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1998 January, 23
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery

Cold Squad is a one hour police crime-drama made in Vancouver about a team of Vancouver police officers in charge of investigating and solving cases that have been in the "cold" file for a while, which basically means the police gave up on them because there were no leads. - IMDb

Auf kalter Spur West Germany
Brigada specială Romania
Cold Squad USA
Cold Squad India
Cold Squad Canada
Cold Squad Canada
Cold Squad United Kingdom
Cold Squad, brigade spéciale France
Files from the Past Israel
Halott ügyek Hungary
Wydział spraw zamkniętych Poland

Children's Cast:

Jodelle Ferland [5] Hailey Hatcher (TV Episode: Deadly Games: Part 2) (1999)
Casey Dubois [8] Bobby Pearson (TV Episode: The Nanny) (2001)
Conchita Campbell [10] Young April (TV Episode: The Filth: Part 1) (2005)
Kirsten Prout [15] Ashley (TV Episode: The Filth: Part 1) (2005)
David Kaye [10] (TV Episode: Christopher Williams) (1998)
Jesse Moss [16] Malcom Steeves (TV Episode: Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy) (1999)
Manny Petruzzelli Edwin (TV Episode: Christopher Williams) (1998)
Sean Smith [11] (TV Episode: Christopher Williams) (1998)
Tyler Thompson Ledo Coscarella (TV Episode: My So Called Death) (1999)
Shayn Solberg [15] Double E. (TV Episode: Deadly Games: Part 1) (1999)
Eryn Collins [17] Victim #2 (TV Episode: Dead End) (1999)
Richard de Klerk [15] Joey Harris (TV Episode: Deadly Games: Part 1) (1999)