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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (Video)

Tremors 4 (USA)
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (USA)
Tremors: Original Showdown (USA)

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2004 January, 2
101 minutes
Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller / Western
Production Company:
$ 5 000 000


In 1889, the town of Rejection, Nevada, depends on a nearby silver mine for its income. Rejection has a few residents. Christine Lord runs the local inn, which doesn't get a lot of business because Carson City is the busiest settlement in the area. Pyong Lien Chang, his wife Lu Wan Chang, and his son Fu Yien Chang are immigrants from China, and they own Chang's Market. Other residents include Old Fred, Brick Walters, Stony Walters, Big Horse Johnson, Soggy, miner Juan Pedilla, and Christine's friend Tecopa. When a hot spring causes four eggs to hatch, several men who work in the silver mine are killed by whatever hatched from the eggs. Everyone is too terrified to enter the mine. No one wants to risk their lives, even if shutting down the mine would mean the death of the town. With the mine shut down, the mine's owner, Hiram Gummer, arrives in the area from Philadelphia to investigate. Juan acts as Hiram's guide. As it turns out, each egg hatched a Graboid, but 1889 was about 100 years before they were called Graboids, so Hiram calls them Dirt Dragons. When the Dirt Dragons prove to be too much for the residents of Rejection to handle, Hiram calls upon Black Hand Kelly, the fastest gunslinger in the west. Kelly brings in the heavy artillery, which proves to be absolutely useless when the baby Dirt Dragons grow to enormous size, and one of them kills Kelly. As a result, Hiram decides to leave town, while everyone else refuses to leave the place that they call home. While Hiram is in Carson City, he intercepts a wired message that the Dirt Dragons are no longer in the area where the mine is -- they're heading right for Rejection. Hiram goes to a local firearms store, and he returns to Rejection, very heavily armed. With those weapons, which include a huge punt gun, Hiram and the townspeople prepare to defend the town against the Dirt Dragons. - IMDb

После того, как жителей отдаленного городка в штате Невада стал безжалостно истреблять невидимый враг, владелец копей Хайрем Гаммер (Майкл Гросс) нанимает лучшего стрелка на Диком Западе по кличке Келли "Черная Рука" , чтобы тот расправился со зловещими существами, оставляющими уважаемого бизнесмена без прибыли! Надо заметить, что мистер Гаммер является прапрадедом Берта Гаммера — отважного охотника и эксперта по истреблению прожорливых подземных хищников. Так что, как Вы, наверное, уже догадались, кровопролитных схваток с огромными плотоядными червями теперь не избежать!

Chvění 4: Začátek legendy Czechoslovakia
Chvenie 4: Ako to všetko začalo Slovakia
Hotet från underjorden 4 Sweden
Marksommer 4 Norway
O Ataque dos Vermes Malditos 4: O Começo da Lenda Brazil
Ormen 4: Legenden begynder Denmark
Palpitações 4: A Lenda Começa Portugal
Rồng Đất 4: Huyền Thoại Bắt Đầu Vietnam
Ta sagonia tis gis 4: O thrylos arhizei (transliterated title) Greece
Temblores 4: Comienza la leyenda Spain
Tremors 4 USA
Tremors 4 - Agli inizi della leggenda Italy
Tremors 4 - La légende commence France
Tremors 4 - Wie alles begann West Germany
Tremors 4. - A legenda elkezdődik Hungary
Tremors 4: el principio de la leyenda Mexico
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins USA
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins United Kingdom
Tremors: Au tout début Canada
Tremors: Original Showdown USA
Väristyksiä 4 Finland
Wstrząsy 4: Początek legendy Poland
Yeraltı Canavarı 4: Efsane Başlıyor Turkey
Τα σαγόνια της Γης 4: Ο θρύλος αρχίζει Greece
Дрожь земли 4: Легенда начинается Russia
Подрхтавање 4: Почетак легенде Serbia
Тремтіння Землі 4: Легенда починається Ukraine
Трусове 4: Легендата започва Bulgaria
トレマーズ4 Japan
從地心竄出4 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Sam Ly [15] Fu Yien Chang