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Stacked (TV series 2005-2006)

Stacked (United Kingdom)

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2005 April, 13
30 minutes
Production Company:

Skyler Dayton is tired of her non-stop partying lifestyle and bad choices in boyfriends. Wanting a major life change, she wanders into "The Stacks," a small family-run bookstore owned by Gavin Dewitt and his brother, Stuart. Divorced and unlucky in love himself, Gavin's inclined to regard Skyler as an embodiment of the vacuous, image-obsessed culture he has come to abhor. Stuart, however, is dazzled by Skyler's beauty and, much to Gavin's horror, offers her a job at their store, which she happily accepts as the first step in her quest for a steadier lifestyle. Unhappy that she's going to be minding the till next to such an intimidating bombshell is the store's sole other employee, Katrina, who doles out doses of realism and cynicism. Rounding out the characters is the store's one steady customer, Harold March a preeminent but retired rocket scientist. - IMDb

Felpolcolva Hungary
Les lectures d'une blonde France
Oczytana Poland
Pamela Anderson in: Stacked West Germany
Una pupa in libreria Italy
Rivien välistä Finland
Stacked Canada
Stacked Ecuador
Stacked United Kingdom
Stacked Singapore
Stacked USA
Stacked Australia
Stacked Canada
Блондинка в книжарницата Bulgaria
Блондинка в книжной лавке Russia
Књижарка Serbia
スタックド Japan

Children's Cast:

Mitchel Musso [14] Owen Dewitt (TV Episode: Unaired Pilot) (2005)
Vincent Martella [13] Owen (TV Episode: Pilot) (2005)
Wyatt Smith [12] Owen (TV Episode: Poker) (2006)
Carlie Westerman Allegra (TV Episode: Pilot) (2005)
Steven Christopher Parker [16] Teen (TV Episode: Pilot) (2005)
Lily Jackson [7] Child #2 (TV Episode: The Ex-Appeal) (2005)
Derek Cox-Berg Teen (TV Episode: Beat the Candidate) (2005)
Mackenzie Hannigan [9] Child #1 (TV Episode: The Ex-Appeal) (2005)