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We gaan nog niet naar huis (TV series 2008-2010)

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2008 January, 20

We Gaan Nog Niet Naar Huis (English title: Don't Miss The Ferry) is a fish-out-of-water comedy with an emotional heart, telling the uplifting story of one family coping with change as they struggle, against the odds, to live out father Sams rural dream.When city slicker Sam (40) tragically lost his wife two years ago, he threw himself into work and raising their two children. Offered a golden handshake at work, Sam decides its time to realise his dream of running a Bed & Breakfast in the country and moves his family to the island of Texel. Swapping city canals for rural life, Sam hopes the move will be a fresh start, but his children are not convinced...Flip (14) adapts well, soon using his city boy ways to outsmart the locals, but rebellious Marjolein (16) hates the countryside. Forced to trade friends for farm animals, Marjolein vows to return to Amsterdam when she finishes school... until sexy farmers son Wubbe (20) catches her eye!Sam puts everything into his new venture, despite being a rather ill-equipped man of nature, which soon becomes a source of amusement to all. However, Sam has the support of neighbour Laura (36) who runs the local tourist office and helps put his Bed & Breakfast on the map. But things become complicated when the pair fall in love, a secret they must, for now, keep from the children.In season two, the hard work really begins for Sam. With the Bed & Breakfast open, Sams dream becomes a reality... until it all starts to go wrong! Juggling making breakfasts, changing sheets, creating a website and dealing with the guests, Sam is working harder than ever and the children aren't making it easy for him. Luckily, his secret relationship with Laura helps him cope, but can it remain a secret for long? - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Lisa Smit [17] Boukje (TV Episode: Jongensdromen) (2010)
Jasper Oldenhof [17] Flip (TV Episode: De storm) (2008)

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