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Unfabulous (TV series 2004-2007)

Also known as: Nieidealna (Poland)
Director: Joe Menendez, Savage Steve Holland, Allison Liddi-Brown ... more
Release: 12 Sep 2004
Country: USA
Runtime: 24 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Family

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Unfabulous follows the life and times of teenager Addie Singer. Addie is a big fan of music and at every opportunity will write and sing about her life. The show outlines typical teenage goings on in and around a school environment with crushes, friendships, and plenty of excitement! - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Miranda Cosgrove [14] Cosmina (TV Episode: The Talent Show) (2007)
Bailee Madison [8] Young Addie Singer (TV Episode: The Birthday) (2007)
Emma Roberts [13] Addie Singer (TV Episode: The Best Trip Ever: Part 2) (2004)
Carter Jenkins [13] Eli Pataki (TV Episode: The Little Sister) (2004)
Emma Degerstedt [12] Maris Bingham (TV Episode: The Best Trip Ever: Part 2) (2004)
Jordan Calloway Zach Carter-Schwartz (TV Episode: The Best Trip Ever: Part 2) (2004)
Malese Jow [13] Geena Fabiano (TV Episode: The Best Trip Ever: Part 2) (2004)
Misha Henson [16] Girl #1 (TV Episode: The Last Day of 7th Grade) (2006)
Stephen Lunsford [15] Chad Fennell (TV Episode: Book Club) (2004)
Ashley Rose [17] Peaches (TV Episode: The Guilt Trip) (2007)
Lily Jackson [7] Scarlett / Scarlett Corn (TV Episode: The Job) (2005)
Dustin Ingram [14] Duane Ogilvy (TV Episode: The Best Trip Ever: Part 2) (2004)
Nate Hartley [15] Mitch the Snitch (TV Episode: The Toot) (2007)
Kevin Olson [16] Vampire (TV Episode: The Dark Side) (2005)
Kendall Ryan Sanders [10] Little Kid (TV Episode: The 'L' Bomb) (2007)
Scout Taylor-Compton [15] Molly / Molly - The 'U' (TV Episode: The Pink Guitar) (2004)
Brandon Mychal Smith [15] Mario (TV Episode: The Bar Mitzvah) (2004)
Carly Jordan Pancher [7] Birthday Party Guest (TV Episode: The Birthday) (2007)
Terrence Hardy Jr. Marty (TV Episode: The Guilt Trip) (2007)

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