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Malcolm in the Middle (TV series 2000-2006)

Fighting in Underpants (USA)
Malcolm in the Middle (USA)

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Rating:  5.3/10  Votes:  ( 3 )    IMDb

2000 January, 9
30 minutes


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An offbeat, laugh track-lacking sitcom about a bizarrely dysfunctional family, the center of which is Malcolm, the middle of the two brothers who still live at home. His eldest (and favorite) sibling, Francis, boards at military school because his parents believe it will reform him and keep him out of trouble. Malcolm often has a hard time coping with his family life, but he has more troubles to contend with when he starts receiving special treatment at school after being diagnosed as an intellectually advanced genius. - IMDb

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Arithmetic mean = 5.3
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Zwariowany świat Malcolma Poland
Малколм у средини Serbia
Малкольм в центре внимания Russia
Малкольм у центрі уваги Ukraine
Малкълм Bulgaria
マルコム in the Middle Japan
左右做人難 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Dakota Fanning [7] Emily (TV Episode: New Neighbors) (2001)
Chase Ellison [8] Young Francis / Little Boy (TV Episode: Surgery) (2001)
Alexander Gould [6] Egg (TV Episode: Funeral) (2000)
Frankie Muniz [15] Malcolm / Malcolm Wilkerson (TV Episode: Bomb Shelter) (2000)
Soren Fulton [14] Kyle Rogers (TV Episode: Hal Sleepwalks) (2005)
Erik Per Sullivan [9] Dewey / Dewey Wilkerson (TV Episode: Graduation) (2000)
Sam Saletta [17] Boy #1 (TV Episode: Emancipation) (2001)
Jake Richardson [17] Skater Mike (TV Episode: Cliques) (2002)
Ashley Tisdale [17] Girl (TV Episode: Jury Duty) (2002)
Justin Berfield [14] Reese (TV Episode: Graduation) (2000)
Abigail Mavity [11] Meagan (TV Episode: Lois' Sister) (2004)
Alex McKenna [17] Beth (TV Episode: Bowling) (2001)
Amanda Fuller [16] April (TV Episode: Water Park) (2000)
Austin Stout [12] Spath's Victim (TV Episode: Pilot) (2000)
Austin Wolff Reese at 6 (TV Episode: Flashback) (2001)
Bryan Burke [15] Gus (TV Episode: Emancipation) (2001)
Cameron Bowen [17] Wayne Finster (TV Episode: Tiki Lounge) (2005)
Cody Arens [10] Young Malcolm (TV Episode: Garage Sale) (2003)
Connor Matheus [9] Billy (TV Episode: Company Picnic: Part 1) (2002)
Dylan Cash [8] Kid #2 (TV Episode: Monkey) (2002)
Emma Lockhart [10] Girlscout (TV Episode: Reese Comes Home) (2004)
Evan Sabara [12] Kid in Locker / Roger (TV Episode: Malcolm Visits College) (2004)
Halley Eveland [7] Basketball Boy (TV Episode: Sleepover) (2000)
Hayden Panettiere [14] Jessica (TV Episode: Stereo Store) (2003)
Landry Allbright [11] Julie Houlerman / Julie (TV Episode: Pilot) (2000)
Malcolm David Kelley [9] Kid #1 (TV Episode: Malcolm's Girlfriend) (2001)
Martin Spanjers [13] Richard (TV Episode: Pilot) (2000)
Sam Lerner [11] Patrick (TV Episode: Kicked Out) (2003)
Sara Paxton [16] Angela Pozefsky (TV Episode: Malcolm Dates a Family) (2004)
Sean Marquette [12] Boy (TV Episode: Lois's Birthday) (2000)
Shawn Pyfrom [16] Eddie (TV Episode: Cliques) (2002)
Evan Matthew Cohen [14] Lloyd (TV Episode: Baby: Part 2) (2000)
Bret Loehr [9] Carl (TV Episode: Hal Coaches) (2002)
Steffani Brass [9] Eliza (TV Episode: Hal Quits) (2001)
Benjamin Bryan [8] Sammy (TV Episode: Family Reunion) (2002)
E.J. De la Pena Boy (TV Episode: Jury Duty) (2002)
Kelsey Chapman Sally (TV Episode: Malcolm Visits College) (2004)
Philip Bolden [7] Eight-Year-Old (TV Episode: Monkey) (2002)
Jordan Masterson [16] Student #2 (TV Episode: Humilithon) (2002)
Stephen Lunsford [14] Neighborhood Kid (TV Episode: Kicked Out) (2003)
Jamie Renée Smith [17] Paula (TV Episode: Malcolm Visits College) (2004)
Curtis Williams [15] Skateboarder / Skater Andy (TV Episode: Cliques) (2002)
Kyle Sullivan [12] Dabney Hooper (TV Episode: Academic Octathalon) (2000)
Charlie Stewart [8] Kid #2 (TV Episode: Malcolm's Girlfriend) (2001)
Adam Hendershott [17] Adam / Cadet #2 (TV Episode: Red Dress) (2000)
Carlie Westerman Little Girl (TV Episode: Experiment) (2004)
Steven Christopher Parker [16] Boy (TV Episode: Tiki Lounge) (2005)
Danny McCarthy [15] Hanson (TV Episode: Dewey's Special Class) (2004)
Robert Grovich Kevin (TV Episode: Shame) (2000)
Elijah Runcorn [8] Kid #1 (TV Episode: Monkey) (2002)
Hallee Hirsh [13] Jessica (TV Episode: Traffic Jam) (2000)
Zach Mills [11] Matt (TV Episode: Stevie in the Hospital) (2006)
Cameron Monaghan [11] Chad (TV Episode: Buseys Take a Hostage) (2004)
Chancellor Miller [13] Jordan (TV Episode: Lois Strikes Back) (2006)
Tania Raymonde [13] Cynthia Sanders (TV Episode: Krelboyne Girl) (2001)
Adam Cagley [10] Lance (TV Episode: Health Scare) (2001)
Michael Welch [14] Josh (TV Episode: New Neighbors) (2001)
Robert Thomas Preston [10] Young Hal (TV Episode: Cynthia's Back) (2002)
Allison Andreas [10] Little Girl #2 (TV Episode: Malcolm Visits College) (2004)
Brandon de Paul [11] Kid #2 (TV Episode: Old Mrs. Old) (2001)
Jennette McCurdy [11] Penelope / Daisy (TV Episode: If Boys Were Girls) (2003)
Ashley Edner [11] Kelly (TV Episode: Malcolm Babysits) (2000)
Vanessa Marano [13] Gina (TV Episode: Malcolm Defends Reese) (2005)
Noah Matthews Young Malcolm (TV Episode: Graduation) (2006)
Joey Hiott [11] Crying Kid (TV Episode: Company Picnic: Part 2) (2002)
Cole Petersen [12] Tony (TV Episode: Malcolm Visits College) (2004)
Ryan Malgarini [12] Noah (TV Episode: Hot Tub) (2004)
Dylan Kasch [11] Crony #1 (TV Episode: Pilot) (2000)
Kenneth Schmidt [13] Little Kid #1 (TV Episode: The Bully) (2000)
Justin Martin [10] Pete (TV Episode: Experiment) (2004)
Craig Lamar Traylor [11] Stevie Kenarban (TV Episode: Graduation) (2000)
Derek Cox-Berg Kid #1 / Special Kid #1 (TV Episode: Buseys Take a Hostage) (2004)
Brett Buford [8] Kid #2 (TV Episode: Family Reunion) (2002)
Lorenzo James Henrie [11] Normal Boy (TV Episode: The Block Party) (2004)
Vincent Berry [13] Dave Spath (TV Episode: Pilot) (2000)
Kat Graham [14] Val (TV Episode: Watching the Baby) (2003)
Brooke Anne Smith [17] Tracey (TV Episode: Houseboat) (2001)
Andrew James Allen [17] Jerome (TV Episode: Victor's Other Family) (2004)
Evan Lee Dahl [16] Teenager #1 (TV Episode: The Block Party) (2004)
Miles Marsico [15] Ian (TV Episode: Cliques) (2002)
Timmy Fitzpatrick Trevor (TV Episode: Family Reunion) (2002)
Nicholas Edwin Barb [13] Boy (TV Episode: Company Picnic: Part 2) (2002)
Jordan Del Spina [9] Billy (TV Episode: Malcolm Visits College) (2004)
Alexandra Picatto [17] Bridget (TV Episode: Lois vs. Evil) (2000)
Emmett Shoemaker [9] Ronnie (TV Episode: Evacuation) (2001)
Natasha Melnick [16] Amber (TV Episode: High School Play) (2000)
Jerry Messing [14] Big Kid #2 (TV Episode: The Bully) (2000)