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Phil of the Future (TV series 2004-2006)

The Out of Timers (USA: working title)

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2004 June, 18
25 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi


Phil Diffy is the oldest child in a normal family. His sister, Pim is an often devious girl with an unusual vocal talent, his mother has a robotic body, and his father spends all of his time working on their broken time machine. Okay, so Phil would be normal he were in his own time. Until then, the Diffys are stuck in the early 21st Century (what they consider the past) and trying to fit in. Only one person knows their secret, Phil's new best friend bubbly and popular Keely Teslow. But with this new life and the misadventures that come with it become the norm, when the time comes will Phil want to return to the future? - IMDb

Filip z przyszlosci Poland
The Out of Timers (working title) USA
Phil a jövőből Hungary
Phil aus der Zukunft Germany
Phil del futuro Spain
Phil do Futuro Brazil
Phil do Futuro Portugal
Phil du futur France
Phil Zaman Yolculugunda (Turkish title) Turkey
Фил из будущего Russia

Children's Cast:

Aly Michalka [15] Keely Teslow (TV Episode: Back to the Future (Not the Movie)) (2004)
Kay Panabaker [14] Debbie Berwick (TV Episode: Team Diffy) (2004)
Brenda Song [16] Tia (TV Episode: Corner Pocket) (2004)
Dyllan Christopher [15] Simon (TV Episode: Happy Nird-Day) (2006)
Josh Flitter [11] Nathan (TV Episode: Maybe-Sitting) (2005)
Sean Michael Afable [17] Lyle Snooger (TV Episode: Versa Day) (2005)
Shane Baumel [8] Phil - Age 5 (TV Episode: Maybe-Sitting) (2005)
Spencer Locke [14] Candida Keegel (TV Episode: Versa Day) (2005)
Evan Peters [17] Seth Wosmer (TV Episode: Unification Day) (2004)
Rory Charles Thost [13] Bradley Benjamin Farmer (TV Episode: My Way) (2004)
Carlie Westerman Lana (TV Episode: Milkin' It) (2004)
Nikki SooHoo [17] Fiona Lanky (TV Episode: Versa Day) (2005)
Adam Cagley [13] Frank Rizzo (TV Episode: We'll Fix It in Editing) (2004)
Brandon Mychal Smith [16] Li'l Danny Dawkins / Lil Danny Dawkins (TV Episode: Back to the Future (Not the Movie)) (2005)
June Renee Santiano Volcano Buyer (TV Episode: Maybe-Sitting) (2005)

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