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The Brothers Garcia (TV series 2000-2003)

Aka: A Garcia testvérek (Hungary)
Director: Joe Menendez, Gibby Cevallos, Mike Cevallos ... more
Year: 2000
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Family / Comedy

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The comic foibles of a Mexican-American family in San Antonio, Texas, US. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Kay Panabaker [13] Carrie Bauer (TV Episode: Moving on Up) (2003)
Brenda Song [12] Jennifer (TV Episode: Love Me Tender) (2000)
Eddy Martin [13] Little Ed (TV Episode: It Was Fun While It Lasted) (2003)
Malese Jow [12] Celeste (TV Episode: Right Place, Right Time) (2003)
Shawn Pyfrom [17] Jake Brody (TV Episode: Two Left Feet) (2003)
Penn Badgley [14] Eddie Bauer (TV Episode: A Hunting We Will Go) (2000)
Tania Raymonde [12] Nicole (TV Episode: No hablo Español) (2000)
Brandon de Paul [12] Reggie Parks (TV Episode: Brother's Keeper) (2002)
Vanessa Hudgens [15] Lindsey (TV Episode: New Tunes) (2003)
Aaron Fors [13] Bobby (TV Episode: Space Race) (2002)
Romeo Miller [12] (TV Episode: Meal Ticket) (2001)
Jeffrey Licon [15] Carlos Garcia (TV Episode: Carmen De Lovely) (2000)

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