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The Brothers Garcia (TV series 2000-2003)

Brothers Garcia (USA: informal title)
The Brothers Garcia (United Kingdom)
Garcia (USA: informal title)
Garcias (USA: informal title)
The Garcias (USA)
HBO Max's the Brothers Garcia (USA: informal title)
Max's the Garcias (USA: informal title)
Nickelodeon's the Brothers Garcia (USA: informal title)

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2000 July, 23
30 minutes
Family / Comedy
Production Company:

The comic foibles of a Mexican-American family in San Antonio, Texas, US. - IMDb

Brothers Garcia (informal title) USA
The Brothers Garcia Canada
The Brothers Garcia West Germany
The Brothers Garcia United Kingdom
The Brothers Garcia Japan
The Brothers Garcia USA
The Brothers Garcia South Africa
Garcia (informal title) USA
A Garcia testvérek Hungary
Garcias (informal title) USA
The Garcias USA
HBO Max's the Brothers Garcia (informal title) USA
Los hermanos García Spain
Los hermanos García Mexico
Max's the Garcias (informal title) USA
Nickelodeon's the Brothers Garcia (informal title) USA
Братья Гарсиа Russia

Children's Cast:

Kay Panabaker [13] Carrie Bauer (TV Episode: Moving on Up) (2003)
Brenda Song [12] Jennifer (TV Episode: Love Me Tender) (2000)
Bryan Burke [16] Armando
Eddy Martin [13] Little Ed (TV Episode: It Was Fun While It Lasted) (2003)
Malese Jow [12] Celeste (TV Episode: Right Place, Right Time) (2003)
Shawn Pyfrom [17] Jake Brody (TV Episode: Two Left Feet) (2003)
Penn Badgley [14] Eddie Bauer (TV Episode: A Hunting We Will Go) (2000)
Tania Raymonde [12] Nicole (TV Episode: No hablo Español) (2000)
Brandon de Paul [12] Reggie Parks (TV Episode: Brother's Keeper) (2002)
Vanessa Hudgens [15] Lindsey (TV Episode: New Tunes) (2003)
Aaron Fors [13] Bobby (TV Episode: Space Race) (2002)
Romeo Miller [12] (TV Episode: Meal Ticket) (2001)
Jeffrey Licon [15] Carlos Garcia (TV Episode: Carmen De Lovely) (2000)
Julius Ritter [14] Neighbor Kid (TV Episode: Over Extended Family) (2001)
Jerry Messing [16] Tiny (TV Episode: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover) (2002)