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Citizen Duane

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2006 September, 8
90 minutes
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Intelligent high school senior Duane Balfour has long lived by the principles of his father, Cecil Balfour, to stand up for what he believes in at whatever cost. Duane's fervor is in large part because Cecil died for his principles, he who was viewed as a lunatic. Duane's primary target is his classmate Chad Milton. Although Chad easily gets whatever he wants in life because of who he is, he is largely a symbol for Duane of the entire Milton clan, the richest family in town who have long ruled what happens and who was also the target of Cecil's views. Many of those in Duane's life believe Duane's single-mindedness against Chad is misguided and makes him seen as a lunatic like his father was viewed. Those people include his exasperated mother Bonnie Balfour, his exasperated on again/off again girlfriend Molly Buckley, and his caring teacher, Miss Houston. Based on their advice for him to channel his energies into more productive outlets, Duane decides to run for mayor against five time incumbent Kelly Milton - Chad's grandmother - who has run in the past largely uncontested. Duane believes she runs the town largely for her and the Milton's own benefit. But Duane's impulsive nature and the memory of Cecil may be hard items for Duane to overcome in winning the election. - IMDb

Cidadão Duane (festival title) Brazil
Szavazz rám Hungary

Children's Cast:

Devon Bostick [14] Maurie Balfour