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Lawman (TV series 1958-1962)

Lawman (USA)
The Lawman (USA)

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1958 October, 5
30 minutes
Production Company:

Lawman is the story of Marshal Dan Troop of Laramie, Wyoming and his deputy Johnny McKay, an orphan Troop took under his wing. In the second season Lily Merrill opens The Birdcage Saloon where she sings and entertains and has a close, unspoken relationship with Troop. - IMDb

Lawman West Germany
Lawman USA
Lawman Canada
Lawman Australia
The Lawman USA
Судебный исполнитель Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Billy Booth [12] Tad McCallan (TV Episode: The Prodigal Mother) (1961)
Bart Braverman [14] Dennis Deaver (TV Episode: The Kids) (1960)
Rickie Sorensen [14] Chuck (TV Episode: The Town Boys) (1960)
Bryan Russell [7] Tommy Quinlivan (TV Episode: The Exchange) (1959)
Terry Rangno [12] Herbie / Tommy (TV Episode: Riding Shotgun) (1959)
Kim Charney [14] Charlie May / Peter Judson (TV Episode: The Hunch) (1959)
Ronald Anton [14] Chuck Deaver (TV Episode: The Kids) (1960)
Johnny Eimen [11] Young Boy (TV Episode: Yawkey) (1960)
Jimmy Baird [14] Joey Buckner / Bobby Gibbons (TV Episode: The Bandit) (1959)
Stephen Talbot [10] Jamie Rollins (TV Episode: The Visitor) (1959)
Hank Stanton [11] Bobby Martingale (TV Episode: The Substitute) (1961)
Evelyn Rudie [11] Dodie Deaver (TV Episode: The Kids) (1960)