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The Deputy (TV series 1959-1961)

The Deputy (USA)

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1959 September, 12
30 minutes
Production Company:


The Deputy is Clay McCord, a storekeeper in 1880's Silver City, Arizona Territories, who is an expert shot, but refuses to use his gun because he believes they are the major cause of frontier violence. However, he is persuaded many times to be The Deputy to help keep order when the Chief Marshal Simon Fry is out of town. - IMDb

El Comisario Spain
The Deputy USA
Der Zweite Mann West Germany
Der Zweite Mann West Germany
胸に輝く銀の星 Japan

Children's Cast:

Rickie Sorensen [15] Kit (TV Episode: The Example) (1961)
Donald Losby [10] Mark Baker (TV Episode: Tension Point) (1961)
Dennis Holmes [11] Tommy Brown (TV Episode: The Return of Widow Brown) (1961)
Gary Hunley [11] Brandon McCord (TV Episode: Shadow of the Noose) (1959)
Scotty Morrow [14] Philip (TV Episode: Mother and Son) (1960)
Dennis Rush [7] Timmy (TV Episode: The Orphans) (1959)
Philip Grayson [16] Pete Jenkins (TV Episode: The Lesson) (1961)
Paul Engle [11] Ted (TV Episode: Like Father, -) (1959)
David Halper [12] Ted (TV Episode: The Deal) (1959)
Dennis Olivieri [13] Tommy White (TV Episode: The World Against Me) (1960)
Jeannie Russell [9] Casey Kinman (TV Episode: The Johnny Shanks Story) (1959)