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Special Unit 2 (TV series 2001-2002)

Special Unit 2 (United Kingdom)
SU2 (USA: promotional abbreviation)

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2001 April, 11
60 minutes
Drama / Action / Comedy / Horror
Production Company:

With the exception of vampires, every monster from folklore and mythology is a missing link between apes and humans, and they all seem to love Chicago. To combat the threat, Chicago PD formed Special Unit 2, known to the rest of the department as a deep-cover plainclothes unit they should steer clear of, to hunt them down and eliminate them. Officer Kate Benson, who has always been seeing things out of the corner of her eye since childhood, gets recruited into the unit when she discovers people are being kidnapped by real-life gargoyles for food and is paired up with trigger-happy Nicholas O'Malley. - IMDb

Rémvadászok Hungary
Special Unit 2 Canada
Special Unit 2 Ecuador
Special Unit 2 France
Special Unit 2 United Kingdom
Special Unit 2 Italy
Special Unit 2 USA
Special Unit 2 - Die Monsterjäger West Germany
SU2 (promotional abbreviation) USA
Мисливці за нечистю Ukraine
Охотники за нечистью Russia

Children's Cast:

Jodelle Ferland [8] Focus Group Girl (TV Episode: The Piper) (2002)
Jenna Boyd [9] (voice) (TV Episode: The Piper) (2002)
Casey Dubois [8] Murphy (TV Episode: The Invisible) (2001)
Spencer Achtymichuk [8] Brinks Boy #2 (TV Episode: The Piper) (2002)
Shayn Solberg [17] Stan (TV Episode: The Grain) (2001)
Avery Tiplady [7] Focus Group Boy (TV Episode: The Piper) (2002)