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Titus (TV series 2000-2002)


Also known as: Титус: Правитель гаража (Russia)
Director: Jack Kenny, Gary Shimokawa, Brian Hargrove ... more
Release: 20 Mar 2000
Country: USA
Runtime: 23 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Based on the real-life dysfunctional family of comedy in Christopher Titus, the show deals with his character, his brother, and their friends dealing with his crude, abusive, sadistic drunken father, and how the guy has twisted and ruined his own life. All in a light-hearted comedy vein. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jenna Boyd [8] 5-Year-Old Shannon (TV Episode: Shannon's Song) (2001)
Frankie Muniz [17] Nick Galenti (TV Episode: Too Damn Good) (2002)
Phoenix Forsyth 10-Year Old Titus / 10-Year-Old Titus / 10 Year Old Titus (TV Episode: The Pit) (2000)
Sean Marquette [12] 10-Year-Old Tommy (TV Episode: The Trial) (2000)
Brittney Lee Harvey [11] Pretty Girl (TV Episode: Tommy's Girlfriend II) (2001)
Bobby Edner [13] 10 Year-Old Tommy (TV Episode: When I Say Jump) (2001)
Michael McElroy [7] 5-Year Old Bobby Jones (TV Episode: Tommy's Girlfriend II) (2001)
Colton James [13] Roy (TV Episode: Deprogramming Erin) (2001)
J.B. Gaynor [11] Little Sammy (TV Episode: Episode 27) (2001)
Adam Hicks [8] 5-Year-Old Dave (TV Episode: Houseboat) (2000)
Evan Ellingson [13] 10-Year-Old Titus

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