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Meego (TV series)

Meego (USA)

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1997 September, 19
30 minutes
Comedy / Sci-Fi

Meego is a 9,000 year old alien whose spaceship crashes on Earth and is discovered by Trip, Maggie, and Alex Parker. They take a liking to him and convince their single father, Edward, to take him in as a nanny. He agrees to stay until his ship is fixed, but eventually grows attached to the children and remains on Earth. - IMDb

Meego Argentina
Meego France
Meego USA

Children's Cast:

Scotty Leavenworth [7] Boy (TV Episode: Magic Parker) (1997)
Erik von Detten [15] Trip Parker (TV Episode: Pilot) (1997)
Gregory Smith [14] Gordon (TV Episode: Halloween) (1997)
Jacob Smith [7] Justin (TV Episode: I Won't Be Home for Christmas) (1997)
Jonathan Lipnicki [7] Alex Parker (TV Episode: Saturday Night Fever) (1997)
Michelle Trachtenberg [12] Maggie Parker (TV Episode: Saturday Night Fever) (1997)
Anthony Medwetz [13] Kyle Quinn (TV Episode: Love and Money) (1997)
Chris Owen [17] Tod Johnson (TV Episode: It's Good to Be King) (1997)