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Can't Be Heaven

Can't Be Heaven (Australia)
Forever Together (USA)

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

94 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance
$ 2 000 000


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Everyone eventually meets the love of their life. Sometimes, like Danny and Julia, that person comes along when you are 13 years old in the form of your best friend. Other times, like Hubbie and his sweetheart, star-crossed love makes getting together a life-long adventure. In the old fashioned spirit of flowers, music and romance, this heartwarming story magically weaves these two couples together and will make you feel like falling in love all over again.

Can't Be Heaven Australia
Can't Be Heaven USA
Forever Together USA
No puede ser el cielo Spain
Truques de Sedução Brazil
Um Amor Verdadeiro Portugal
Und das soll der Himmel sein? West Germany
Това не е рай Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Jamie Williams [14] Phil
Bryan Burke [13] Danny
Michael Galeota [15] Archie
Michelle Trachtenberg [14] Julie
Jamie Burke School Atmosphere
Janet Hoffmann School Atmosphere
Tig Asatrian [12] School Atmosphere
Colleen Kolter School Atmosphere
Dean Imes School Atmosphere
Conrad Miller School Atmosphere
Angela Asatrian [13] School Atmosphere
Lilian Revheim School Atmosphere
Telon Weathington [12] School Atmosphere
John Kepley Schhol Atmosphere
Garret Murakami [11] School Atmosphere
Amanda Fielding School Atmosphere
Elie Kiwan [13] School Atmosphere
Twyla Banks [10] School Student
Michelle Ishida [11] School Atmosphere
Nicole French [13] School Atmosphere
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