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So Weird (TV series 1999-2001)

Too Weird (USA: working title)

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1999 January, 18
30 minutes
Family / Adventure / Mystery / Thriller

The show starts with Fiona Phillips, the daughter of two singers, who's been mourning the death of her father most of her life. Fi also has an obsession with all things strange, from ghosts to aliens to trolls, all of which she investigates with the help of her laptop while traveling across country on her mom's tour bus. Although her brother and friends don't believe her all of the time, Fi refuses to give up. As her search for the mysterious goes deeper, she begins to learn things about herself and, more importantly, about her father. After a few years, she passes on her quest to her friend, a promising young singer named Annie. - IMDb

Aux frontières de l'étrange France
Fenómenos extraños Spain
Fionas Website Germany
Qué raro Mexico
Sinistro Brazil
Storie incredibili Italy
To niesamowite Poland
Too Weird (working title) USA
Чудеса.com Russia
どこかでなにかがミステリー (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Jodelle Ferland [7] Maria (TV Episode: Annie's Song) (2001)
Erik von Detten [17] Clu Bell (TV Episode: Babel) (1999)
Kevin Zegers [15] Ryan Ollman (TV Episode: Second Generation) (1999)
Chantal Conlin Laura (TV Episode: Werewolf) (1999)
Devin Douglas Drewitz [11] Young Andrew (TV Episode: Roswell) (2000)
Kyla Pratt [13] Kamilah Simmonds (TV Episode: Lost) (1999)
Lachlan Murdoch [13] James (TV Episode: Tulpa) (1999)
Andrew Francis [15] Russell (TV Episode: Banglebye) (2000)
Jewel Staite [17] Callie Snow (TV Episode: Siren) (1999)
Ryan DeBoer [15] Bobby (TV Episode: Banglebye) (2000)
David Kaye [11] Ghost Boy (TV Episode: Family Reunion) (1999)
Gordie Giroux Boy #1 (TV Episode: Meow) (2001)
Connor Widdows [7] Danny (TV Episode: Nightmare) (1999)
Dillon Moen [8] Larry (TV Episode: Dead Ringer) (2001)
Sean Smith [12] Cole (TV Episode: Memory) (1999)
Zach Lipovsky Dan (TV Episode: Escape) (1999)
Rhys Williams [16] Speedy (TV Episode: Singularity) (1999)
Tegan Moss [15] Rhonda (TV Episode: Talking Board) (2000)
Blair Slater Peter Hardy (TV Episode: Gone Fishin') (2001)
Patrick Levis [17] Jack Phillips
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