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The Time Tunnel (TV series 1966-1967)

The Time Tunnel (United Kingdom)

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1966 September, 9
60 minutes
Action / Sci-Fi

Scientists Tony Newman and Doug Phillips are the young heads of Project Tic-Toc, a multi-billion dollar government installation buried beneath the desert. They have invented a Time Tunnel, which will allow people to visit anywhere in time and space. While testing the tunnel for an impatient senator, Newman and Phillips became trapped in time, and each week coincidentally found themselves at the site of an important historical event, be it the Siege of Troy, the sinking of the Titanic or an assassination attempt on President Lincoln. Sometimes they traveled into the future, and battled alien invaders. Ann MacGregor, Gen. Kirk and Dr. Swain are the scientists trying to fix the malfunctioning Time Tunnel and bring Doug and Tony back to the present (1968). - IMDb

Au coeur du temps France
Kronos Italy
Kronos - Sfida al passato (long title) Italy
Time Tunnel West Germany
Time Tunnel West Germany
The Time Tunnel South Africa
The Time Tunnel Philippines
The Time Tunnel Canada
The Time Tunnel Canada
The Time Tunnel United Kingdom
The Time Tunnel Poland
The Time Tunnel Singapore
The Time Tunnel Ecuador
The Time Tunnel USA
The Time Tunnel Australia
The Time Tunnel Israel
El Tunel del tiempo Mexico
El Túnel del tiempo Spain
Túnel do Tempo Brazil
Il tunnel del tempo Italy
Zaman Tüneli Turkey
Туннель времени Soviet Union
タイムトンネル Japan

Children's Cast:

Jean-Michel Michenaud [10] Marcel Corbeau (TV Episode: Rendezvous with Yesterday) (1966)
Pat Michenaud [13] Louis Joseph Xavier Francois AKA Dauphin (TV Episode: Reign of Terror) (1966)
Sheldon Collins [11] Little Tony Newman Jr. (TV Episode: The Day the Sky Fell In) (1966)