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Screen Two (TV series 1985-2002)

Screen Two (USA)

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1985 January, 6
United Kingdom

Producer Kenith Trodd was part of a 1984 team brought together to study how the BBC should respond to Channel Four's pioneering efforts in making films for both television and theatrical release. The result was a transition from the earlier concept of studio-made plays, such as "Play for Today" and the introduction of the new BBC anthology film series, "Screen One" and "Screen Two," with Trodd's supervision of the initial group of titles in 1985. - IMDb

Fellow Traveller (video box title) Finland
Screen Two Singapore
Screen Two USA
Screen Two Australia
Screen Two Canada
Screen Two West Germany
Screen Two Ecuador
Screen Two United Kingdom
Screen Two Italy
Screen Two Philippines
Screen Two Sweden
Taivaskanava (video box title) Finland
Второй экран Russia
Второй экран Soviet Union
スクリーン・トゥー Japan

Children's Cast:

Kate Maberly [15] Vanessa (TV Episode: Mothertime) (1997)
Anna Mucha [10] Sabinka (TV Episode: Korczak) (1990)
Ciarán Fitzgerald [11] Barry O'Neill (TV Episode: All Things Bright and Beautiful) (1994)
Graham McGrath [14] Stephen / Paul Blake (TV Episode: Lent) (1985)
Harley Cross [17] Ray Striker (TV Episode: Crazy for a Kiss) (1995)
Jakub Zdenek [13] Utz, age of 11 (TV Episode: Utz) (1992)
Perdita Weeks [11] Moira (TV Episode: Loving) (1996)
Torquil Campbell [15] Len Hawkins (TV Episode: Heaven on Earth) (1987)
Rebecca Callard [12] Jackie as a Child (TV Episode: Will You Love Me Tomorrow) (1987)
Sarah Polley [8] (TV Episode: Heaven on Earth) (1987)
Amos Crawley [6] Robin Davies (TV Episode: Heaven on Earth) (1987)
Matthew Savage [17] George Harvey (TV Episode: Words of Love) (1989)
Shaun Weiss [17] Mike Kinross (TV Episode: Crazy for a Kiss) (1995)
Ellie Beaven [11] Rachel Edwardes / Sophie Clemant (TV Episode: The Laughter of God) (1991)
Claire Slater Gilly Clemant (TV Episode: The Laughter of God) (1991)