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The Twilight Zone (TV series 2002-2003)


Aka: La treizième dimension (France)
Director: John T. Kretchmer, Brad Turner, Allan Kroeker ... more
Year: 2002
Country: Canada
Runtime: 43 minutes
Genre: Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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This second remake of the classic series presents tales of suspense, fantasy, science fiction and horror. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Rory Culkin [13] Craig Hansen (TV Episode: Azoth the Avenger Is a Friend of Mine) (2002)
Alexis Llewellyn [7] Little Girl (TV Episode: Pharaoh's Curse) (2003)
Chantal Conlin Julie Winslow (TV Episode: Evergreen) (2002)
Jessica Amlee [9] Carrie (TV Episode: The Placebo Effect) (2003)
Vanessa Morley [16] Young Bess (TV Episode: Found and Lost) (2002)
Penn Badgley [17] Trace Malone (TV Episode: Homecoming) (2003)
Liliana Mumy [9] Audrey Fremont (TV Episode: It's Still a Good Life) (2003)
Emily Hirst [9] Little Girl (TV Episode: Future Trade) (2002)
Meshach Peters [7] Marvin Jr. (TV Episode: Another Life) (2003)
Samuel Patrick Chu Timmy (TV Episode: It's Still a Good Life) (2003)
Ashley Edner [14] Danielle Randall (TV Episode: The Collection) (2003)

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