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The Twilight Zone (TV series 2002-2003)

The Twilight Zone (USA)

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2002 September, 18
43 minutes
Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller


This second remake of the classic series presents tales of suspense, fantasy, science fiction and horror. - IMDb

Alacakaranlık Kuşağı Turkey
Além da Imaginação Brazil
Dimensión desconocida Venezuela
La dimensión desconocida Mexico
Los límites de la realidad Spain
La treizième dimension France
Twilight Zone West Germany
The Twilight Zone Philippines
The Twilight Zone Singapore
The Twilight Zone USA
The Twilight Zone South Africa
The Twilight Zone Australia
The Twilight Zone Canada
The Twilight Zone Canada
The Twilight Zone Ecuador
The Twilight Zone United Kingdom
The Twilight Zone India
The Twilight Zone Italy
The Twilight Zone South Korea
Zona crepusculara Romania
Zóna soumraku Czechoslovakia
Zóna súmraku Slovakia
Η ζώνη του λυκόφωτος Greece
Сумеречная зона Russia
Сутінкова зона Ukraine
トワイライト・ゾーン Japan

Children's Cast:

Rory Culkin [13] Craig Hansen (TV Episode: Azoth the Avenger Is a Friend of Mine) (2002)
Alexis Llewellyn [7] Little Girl (TV Episode: Pharaoh's Curse) (2003)
Chantal Conlin Julie Winslow (TV Episode: Evergreen) (2002)
Jessica Amlee [9] Carrie (TV Episode: The Placebo Effect) (2003)
Vanessa Morley [16] Young Bess (TV Episode: Found and Lost) (2002)
Penn Badgley [17] Trace Malone (TV Episode: Homecoming) (2003)
Liliana Mumy [9] Audrey Fremont (TV Episode: It's Still a Good Life) (2003)
Emily Hirst [9] Little Girl (TV Episode: Future Trade) (2002)
Meshach Peters [7] Marvin Jr. (TV Episode: Another Life) (2003)
Samuel Patrick Chu Timmy (TV Episode: It's Still a Good Life) (2003)
Ashley Edner [14] Danielle Randall (TV Episode: The Collection) (2003)
Nico McEown Wylie Saicheck (TV Episode: How Much Do You Love Your Kid?) (2003)
Alexandra Purvis [14] Tess MacIntosh (TV Episode: Upgrade) (2002)