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See Anthony Run

Also known as: The Sleepover (USA: working title)
Director: Matthew Piacentini
Release: 9 Oct 2005
Country: USA
Runtime: 17 minutes
Genre: Short

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Do You remember He-Man and Atari, and the days when parents were too busy partying with their own friends to notice what their kids were up to? Well here's one kid who'd rather be with his parents' friends than his own. Ten year old Anthony is loathe to tread the murky waters of grade school social life. His mother, distressed by her son's lack of friends, sets up a well-intentioned but ill-fated sleep over at notorious bully, Craig Randall's, house. To Anthony's surprise, the boys discover a mutual affection for slime, and for a moment, he thinks that he and Craig might really become friends. ?Not if the Randall family can help it! Mom's "Spring Garden Loaf," Dad's preppy wine swilling, and big sister's flirty advances keep Craig's temper up, and Craig takes his anger out on Anthony. Fearing for his face and limbs, Anthony sneaks from Craig's room to telephone his mother, and begs her to rescue him, but his desperate appeals go unheeded, so Anthony must turn to John, his half-baked philandering brother, to deliver him safely home - if the kidnappers terrorizing the town don't get to Anthony first. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jennette McCurdy [13] Lucy Randall

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