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NCIS: Los Angeles (TV series)

NCIS Legend (USA: working title)
NCIS Office of Special Projects (USA: working title)
NCIS Undercover (USA: working title)
NCIS: LA (World-wide)
Untitled NCIS Spinoff (USA: working title)

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2009 September, 22
43 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller


When on TV?

22 Jan, 19:05
Paris Premiere
22 Jan, 21:15 Kabel Eins
22 Jan, 22:15 Kabel Eins
22 Jan, 23:10 Kabel Eins
23 Jan, 01:50 Kabel Eins
23 Jan, 02:30 Kabel Eins
23 Jan, 03:25 ORF Eins
23 Jan, 04:55 Kabel Eins
24 Jan, 20:00 RTS Un
24 Jan, 20:50 RTS Un

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service's Office of Special Projects takes on the undercover work and the hard to crack cases in LA. Key agents are G. Callen and Sam Hanna, streets kids risen through the ranks. - IMDb

Agenci NCIS: Los Angeles Poland
Investigação Criminal: Los Angeles Portugal
Navy CIS: L.A. Germany
NCIS Legend (working title) USA
NCIS Los Angeles Finland
NCIS Office of Special Projects (working title) USA
NCIS Undercover (working title) USA
NCIS: LA (World-wide)  
NCIS: Los Ángeles (dubbed version) Uruguay
NCIS: Los Ángeles Spain
Untitled NCIS Spinoff (working title) USA
Военни престъпления: Лос Анджелис (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Морская полиция: Лос-Анджелес Russia
Морська полiцiя: Лос Анджелес Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Nathan Gamble [11] Shawn Calder (TV Episode: Cyber Threat) (2011)
Ariel Gade [12] Emma Perez (TV Episode: Identity) (2009)
Ethan Scheid [10] Brian Lewis (TV Episode: Reign Fall) (2014)
Dylan Boyack Kid (TV Episode: Familia) (2011)
Nikki Hahn [6] Elly Johnson (TV Episode: Brimstone) (2009)
Gustavo Quiroz Jr. Mexican Boy / Samuel (TV Episode: To Live and Die in Mexico) (2018)
Lorenzo James Henrie [16] Evan Maragos (TV Episode: Little Angels) (2010)
Layla Crawford Kamran Hanna (TV Episode: Humbug) (2011)
Jake Vaughn [3] Ed Basser (TV Episode: Lone Wolf) (2011)
Stone Eisenmann Jake Felton (TV Episode: Neighborhood Watch) (2012)
Gabriel Suttle Cody Felton (TV Episode: Neighborhood Watch) (2012)
C.J. Valleroy Callen (15) (TV Episode: Rage) (2015)
Owen Teague Alex Fryman (TV Episode: Purity) (2013)
Gavin Lewis Nadir, Karim and Tomar Zahavi (TV Episode: The Seventh Child) (2016)
Shree Crooks [4] Nadia Volonev (TV Episode: Parallel Resistors) (2016)
Samuel Parker Basu Chopra (TV Episode: The Seventh Child) (2016)
Adolfo Alvarez Tomás Guzman (TV Episode: Black Wind) (2015)
Storm Reid [6] Riley Peyton (TV Episode: One More Chance) (2014)
Jalyn Hall Derrick (TV Episode: A Line in the Sand) (2018)
Issac Ryan Brown Joey (TV Episode: Kulinda) (2017)
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