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Glory Days (TV series)

Demontown (United Kingdom)
Glory Days (Australia)

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2002 January, 16
60 minutes
Comedy / Mystery / Horror / Drama / Thriller

After his father's mysterious death, a young novelist confronting writer's block, steals back to his rural roots, in search of inspiration - and answers. On his ferry trip to Glory, a person goes overboard and dies. It seems an accident, but the novelist thinks otherwise. His best-selling first novel revealed the seamy underbelly of his hometown - so the home folks are furious at the prodigal's return. He tries to get help from the strong-willed, beautiful, local coroner (Poppy Montgomery). Glory Days' novelist hero Mike Cahill return to "Glory" has similarities to acclaimed novelist Dave Grubb's life. "Glory" was also the name Grubb used for a fictionalized Moundsville, West Virginia in his writing. Davis Grubb was a descendant of an old prominent family in Moundsville. Like Cahill, he mined the river-town's history for his works, including his award-winning first novel _Night of the Hunter, The (1955)_, about a serial killer stalking prey along the Ohio River. The classic movie version was shot in Moundsville, whose "haunted prison" has been explored in 3 recent national TV series. Like Cahill, Grubb's displaying Glory's warts (including corruption and racism) made him a pariah to some in his hometown. - IMDb

CSL - Crime Scene Lake Glory West Germany
Daimonismeni poli Greece
Demon Town Spain
Demon Town Italy
Demon Town - A Cidade do Demônio (short version) Brazil
Demontown Netherlands
Demontown United Kingdom
Días de gloria Spain
Glory Days Australia
Glory Days Canada
Glory Days Canada
Glory Days Finland
Glory Days USA
I istoria tou exorkisti Greece
L'île de l'étrange France

Children's Cast:

Jessica Amlee [8] Toddler (TV Episode: Grim Ferrytale) (2002)
Emily VanCamp [16] Sam Dolan